Friday, August 6, 2010

Not a good day at all!!

Well, yesterday Kenny used my car because his car is in the shop getting a new motor; he took our dog down to the river to swim; like we always do, he parked in the designated parking area and when he left to come pick me up from work; someone had broken the passenger window; cracked my windshield w/ a rock and stole his wallet and pack of cigs that were under the driver seat. Why someone would do something so senceless is beyond my understanding. It's going to cost us $375 to fix the windows; my insurance deduct. is $500 so that doesn't help me out; but he won't ever replace the pictures of his kids and grandkids.

I stayed up til 1:00 putting "death curses" on the punks that did this. LOL; well, maybe not "death" but hateful things. I'm sure if Kenny would have caught them what I have planned for them would have been a walk in the park. Kennys a big guy; 6'5, 250lbs. He was pretty mad; I cried; as us women do when something like this happens; so I won't be buying any new stash for a while now. :( That's enough to make me cry again.

Monday, August 2, 2010

"Friendship" SAL Update

This is my first SAL. :) I've been stitching all day... I worked on my model piece all afternoon and then I made supper; Ashley and her DH came over and ate and visited a little and then I started my SAL; now it's bedtime. My eyes need a break. LOL

Can't believe it's August already!!!

Where has this year gone too? Time to make out the bills for this month and barely just got done paying last months. LOL It's a never ending cycle isn't it? We had a little surprise baby shower last night for Ashley; it was nice. I'm off work today and don't know for sure what I'm going to do yet? I need to clean the bathroom and mop the kitchen; as for stitching; well I've been stitching this model for a designer and made a mistake and had to "frog" about 6 rows (twice) on Saturday; so needless to say I haven't stitched this weekend. I was so discouraged; I'm having a real hard time with the fabric; I'm not sure what count it is; they didn't tell me; but it's so hard to see. I am suppose to start a SAL from one of my Yahoo groups; so maybe I'll work on that today. Hope everyone's having a great summer.