Saturday, July 2, 2016

Can anyone help me find this pattern please?

I just saw this pattern today and fell in love with it, my mom just went thru chemo and radiation for lung cancer; which she got from 2nd hand smoke from my grandpa and dads heavy smoking over the years; she just found out Friday that the cancer is still there; but it isn't spreading, so they are going to keep an eye on it, the chemo and radiation was vey hard on her; and the location of the cancer is in the lymphoid on her left lung, too close to the heart to operate. I have faith that she will be able to live many more years, healthy.. I know this pattern is an OOP and was a special offering, but if anyone has it and would lend it to me or even sell/trade so I can stitch it for my mom for Christmas I would be very appreciative... Sharee

I'm baaacccckkkk...

I've been away from my blog for sometime now; my computer took a dive a few years ago and I went out and bought a tablet and thought that would be ok to use for a while, well it was ok for a bit, but I had to have a computer and finally went out and got myself a nice new I need to go buy a new camera and I will be all set up and ready to start posting pictures of my stitching, but I have found that since getting said computer, my stitching has taken a little bit of the back seat..I have some new things going on in my life since we last visited.. I am stitching Let Freedom Ring and loving it... Ashley and the grandbabies are doing well in Texas, she wanted to get good Garth Brooks tickets for when he comes to San Antonio later in the month; so the day they went on sale she had her computer, IPhone and her hubbies computer all set up to buy tickets; and I had my IPhone and Ipad ready as well, so when they went on sale we were we had fun trying to get the best seats we could and she was so thrilled when she was able to get 5th row from the stage seats..when Garth came to Denver last year she flew out here and her and me and my oldest daughter Heather went and we had a she invited me to go with her in San Antonio and I jumped at the chance; and bought my plane ticket so I will be in Texas seeing Garth and my grandbabies.. Life doesn't get much better than that.. I have been working for the Black-eyed Pea restaurant for 9 going on 10 years now as a server, well I am 55 years old and single and I just needed something more steady (pay wise), one day i'd make $85 and the next it could be $25, and I needed a change; so I talked with my general manager and district manager and decided to go for management in April I started my training and now I am a manager and I do like the pay and benefits, but the long hours are tough. but it was a good change, I was able to get myself a newer car; I ended up getting a 2013 KIA Forte and I LOVE IT!! Hope everyone is well.