Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stupid car!!!

Last night Kenny & I were going to go for a drive and the car wouldn't start, he tried everything; then this AM he played around with it (like men do LOL) and now it will start. I guess "someone" wanted us to stay home last night. LOL. I stitched A LOT yesterday; I finished my magnet for an exchange; I'll post a picture once she gets it, and my halloween RR (posted picture) and started my Blackbird Design "Bluebird", it's such a fun and quick stitch; I'm really enjoying it; I am using Gentle Arts thread in Blue Jay, I'm stitching it for my mom; I asked her to send me a couple of buttons from my grandma & dad's clothing she still has; and I'll stitch those buttons on it. I have to work soon; so I guess I better get in the shower.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 13, 2010

I stitched a little this morning before I went to work; I just have a little more on the boarder to do and I'll be done w/my Halloween RR. YEA!! Then I can start on the Blackbird Design, "Bluebird". I've been wanting to do this picture for a while now; and bought the pattern Monday on my stash run. I think I'll use Gentle Arts thread, I'm going to make it into a pillow for my mom I think. I'll prob end up doing one for myself as well. I need to get a breadcloth done also by the end of the month for an exchange. I was going to join another RR; but I think I'll just do one at a time; I want to get my Christmas Orns. started early this year. I'm off work tomorrow; I don't think were going to do anything; just get some R&R. Kenny's off work also.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 12, 2010

UGH!! I think I have a UTI. I'm going to call my Dr. when the office opens to see if he'll call me in some antibotics without me going in and paying $45 to pee in a cup. LOL I didn't stitch last night; I just have to finish backstitching my Halloween RR and I think I'll stitch a boarder around him also. Then I'm going to stitch something from my stash run Monday; I had such fun; I wish I was rich and could afford to do that every week; but that's prob it for a while. LOL I lost a LOT of my stash 4 years ago in a move. Of course the only boxes missing was my stash; lots of books, material and tons of floss (WDW & Gentle Arts also) I was so sick; I cried. But I'm slowly building it back up again. I lost probley 500 patterns. I played on my blog last night putting all the little blinkies on and found one that said " I love Hayden" that's my grandsons name. LOL I know he'll like that when I show him this summer when he comes to visit us.

Monday, May 10, 2010


I just got home from my LNS and I was a "Bad Girl" !! LOL I had to get home and "stash it" before Kenny gets home...LOL I had a GREAT time; I went a little over board but heck; I'm worth it.. LOL I work hard and I don't do this much stash shopping but once or twice a year; I usually get one or two books and one or two things of WDW or Gentle Arts; I couldn't pass up the material, it's so expensive thou; I saw this 32 Count Linen and fell in love I don't know what I'll make w/it yet; it's 22x12 and cost me $10.56, I thought it'd be around 5 or 6 dollars. oh well, I love it; and I couldn't resist the Joyous Hearts flob; and I don't know about the "Tis Halloween" I've been looking at it on line at different shops and when I saw it in person; and it was the only copy; I think I "blacked out". LOL I had to buy it. I'll post pictures for you all to see.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I stitched last night on my Halloween RR; I have to mail out by the 26th; I'll prob. send it early. I love Halloween. I have to work today, it's our busiest day of the year; I'm a waitress; I should make over $100 in 5 hours and I'm taking 1/2 of what I make to my LNS tomorrow. YEA!! So, I hope we are slammed. I called my mom this morning; she was getting ready for church; I haven't heard from my girls yet, Ash's phone is off; so they'll prob be over tonight and who knows about Heather? Me and Kenny are doing very good; it's a little scary actually. LOL I think I'm going to go and stitch on my ghost for about an hour; I need to pick up WDW's colour Trick or Treat to stitch my boarder. My LNS is about 40 mins away. I can't wait to go..