Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Dwelling Place update

Hi, hope everyone is having a great weekend...I started stitching "My Dwelling Place" and absolutly love stitching it. I have to tell those of you who are wanting to stitch it, that it's a fun project and I love the called for material 18 ct. Lambswool Linen. I've never stitched on it before and its great. I did have some problem see the Crescent Colours Olive Branch as you can see in the picture; I ended up frogging 7 leaves and restitched them using DMC's 3012. I don't know if it's the dye lot that made it so light or what? But I like it much better now. I started the roof on the house this morning before I went to work.

Also Rowdy was in need of a haircut very badly; we took him's a before and after and I caught him and Kenny napping on the couch yesterday. Not much else going on; waiting on a order from 123 Stitch and have another one ready to send in prob Monday; Kenny worked a "blitz" at work last week (didn't have a day off) and got a good bonus so I sweet talked him into buying me some new Lizzie Kate patterns that just arrived at 123 Stitch & the threads. LOL I go months without buying anything and then I splurge so I'm about done for a while. LOL I'll update with another picture soon of My Dwelling Place; when I'm done with this I'm going to just stitch Christmas stuff thru November..I swear I'm going to stitch ornaments for my mom and Kennys and for my girls. I was going to last year and time got away from me; this year I really hope I do better.

Becky is going to host a ornament challenge kind of like the Pumpking Challenge she held last year; so hopefully this will help me to keep focused. LOL

Monday, October 17, 2011

New Stash Finally....

It's been a while since I've ordered any new stash; it's not like I am even remotely close to running out of things to But I've had a on going "shopping cart" going at 123 Stitch for a while now and Kenny gave me his Debit card the other day and told me to order it...Silly man; he's lucky I love him; I could have ordered sooooo much more. LOL

I placed my order on Friday and got it today. I love them; they always send orders out so fast. I can't wait to get "My Dwelling Place" started; I ordered the material 18ct Lambswool Linen; I've never stitched on that before and can't wait to get to. I may start it later today... and of course here's a few new pics of Scarlett; she's getting so big. Hope everyone is having a great week; it's colder here in Colorado; finally...I wish it'd snow..