Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stitching update & a little talkin...

I worked today; but we were kind of slow; those of you who have been following my blog probabley remember my not so "ex-boyfriend" Kenny, we broke up last September and he went back to Oregon; well we've been talking for sometime and have decided to give it another try. I don't know if I'm making a mistake or not; we got along ok, he's a lot of fun and a lot of laughs; he just is "different" than I am; I don't really know how to explain it to you all. I'm at a loss for words; he's 5 years younger than me; but that doesn't really matter or factor into anything. I just hope I'm not going back to him because I'm lonely, which I really am since Ashley decided to stay in Texas. I miss Scarlett so very much; I really became attached to her, more than I should have. For those of you that are new Scarlett is my darling Granddaughter who lived with me since she was about a month old until last month; when her and her mommy went to visit Ashleys dad in Texas; he has some horses and Ashley loves horses and she decided to stay. I still have Scarletts stuff; her crib, clothes and all Ashleys stuff also. I'm packing Ashleys stuff up tomorrow so Kenny can use that dresser.

He'll be here Friday. So I guess we'll just wait and see what happens? Life is so fun sometimes isn't it? It's what you make of it. I don't know why I'm just blabbing on and

As for stitching; I haven't today; But did yesterday; I'm still working on Home of a Needleworker 2, it's been a lot of fun and I hope to finish it soon. Hope everyone is having good weather; it was 102 here today; I HATE, HATE, HATE hot weather; I hope this summer goes by fast.....

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Stitching & Stash

Hi, hope everyone is having a fun and safe weekend. I worked all weekend; but I'm off the next 2 days, I plan on doing a lot of stitching. I need to go to Joanna's tomorrow and get a little wooden box for Heathers Bday gift; her Bday is the 3rd; I can't wait to use my chenille trim :). I'll be sure to post a picture.

Here is a little stash I ordered from 123 Stitch; and then the Mystery Sampler and material & threads from DSL. I love both of these sites; they always fill your order so quickly. I am starting my Mystery Sampler maybe later tonight; I plan on staying up late tonight. We'll just see if my body will agree with me. LOL We were so slow all weekend and that makes the day go by so slow. This is my "Home of a Needleworker 2" it's such a fun stitch; I love the colours..

Here's a picture of Scarlett at the beach in Texas. I don't know when they'll be home; sometime before they leave for Germany; I hope it's soon; I know it's so hard on them being apart as a family. Torry's missed so much of Scarlett growing up. That's the military life. My dad, ex hubby, & brother were all in the service. Have a safe and happy holday....Oh, I was having so much trouble w/bloggger; it wouldn't even let me sign on for days. I was getting so mad; hopefully they fixed whatever was broken...