Thursday, May 24, 2012

Will the leaves ever stop!!!

OMGosh, these leaves are killing me; I ran out of my WDW's Kudzu and had 2 new skeins look at the HUGE difference in the colours..luckly the other skein matched better. I can't wait to finish these leaves; I would have finished them tonight but I stitched the other blue bird and stitching over 1 on 40ct on the beak and legs made my eyes hurt. lol

Works been busy; I waited on two very nice couples on their way to a motorcycle ride in New Mexico from Jersey; the guy said he's "shipped" their motorcycles out earlier in the week and they flew into Denver and rented a car and are driving to the rally..why couldn't I have married a rich, nice man like this?? They were my age; and I was thinking how my life hasn't turned out how I planned at all; I mean at 51 I never thought I would be waiting tables; even though I am a very good waitress it's so hard on my body; I have aches and pains like you wouldn't believe. I'm not with the "love of my life". I guess I need to quit b$#*hing and just be happy I have a many people would give anything to have my job...I think it's just about PMS time...can you tell??? LOL

Monday, May 21, 2012

Remember this one??

I went thru my stitching basket by my chair last night and came across this "oldies but goodie" I wanted to finish it to enter in the Colorado State Fair last year and didn't get it done; so I pulled it back out and will shoot for this year..:) Wish me luck..I'm still working on Mays Word Play; I stitched on it on Saturday and on the Mystery Sampler on Sunday; so I did get some stitching in on IHSW weekend. Here's my TULSA for this month; time is going by so fast.

Ashley had sent my Mother's Day card out before Mother's Day and I just got it today!! But it did come all the way from Germany; It made me cry; she has Scarletts handprints on it and made a little cutout from her hands that forms a heart; I'm going to Hobby Lobby to get a frame to put the hands and Kenny went to Walmart; he needed a new yard trimmer and I looked in the craft section because I've read on some blogs where Walmart got their dmc back; so I looked and low and behold there is a whole section of cross stitch stuff!!! I was so happy...

Were both off on Mondays; he's out tearing up the and I'm just sitting here catching up on reading everyones blogs; I think were gonna have Taco Salad for dinner; it's easy and quick to make and I don't really feel like cooking. Tomorrow I'm making Tricia Yearwoods Crock-pot Mac & Cheese; I made it a few weeks ago and it is delicious!! Hope you all are doing well and stitching your fingers