Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Another snowman...

I stitched this snowman in 2 days..he was such fun to stitch I didn't want to put him down; I came home from work at sat right down to stitch; I still have my work clothes on. :) I have started something I can't share right now; it's for an exchange. (it's adorable)..

These are a couple of patterns I want to work on soon; hopefully I'll finish my "gift" and will be able to start one of my "January" pictures. Me & Shirlee are going to do a SAL with the January Word Play. I'm really addicted to this series. I think Shirlee is only going to stitch January's; but I'm going to hopefully stitch the whole series.

Not much to say tonight; think I'm gonna go

Monday, January 2, 2012

A finish & new start...

Hi all, hope everyone had a wonderful & safe New Years. We had a quiet one; I worked then we went to Golden Corral for dinner and then laid in bed watching T.V. til midnight; then we went to sleep; pretty quiet night. I'd love to go out; but there is just too many drunk & crazy people around.

I was off work today, I cleaned the house and then sat and finished my January Cottage, & started this little Heart & Hand kit I found in my growing pile of stash. I've had this kit for about 4 years I Something I "had to have". I am really enjoying stitching it; the material is a little dark and hard to see but I'll I'll be stitching a lot of snowpeople for a while; I'm in the mood to stitch Sorry the picture is blurred; I'll take another one tomorrow; I should be done. I'm off work and plan on stitching most of the day; I do have to run to Kohls and return some work shoes I got, they hurt my feet; so I'm taking them back. I need some new jeans for work hopefully I'll find some on sale. Here's my TULSA jar; all empty and ready for a new year of stitching...I have the past 2 years in another jar. I'll have to take a picture of that sometime..

Kenny is off work today and he makes the BEST spaghetti sauce; he surprised me and made it today; he cooks it in the crock pot and when I was stitching I heard him doing something in the kitchen and went to investigate and he was putting it in the crock pot..yummy; we just ate and I ate too much..

Hope everyone is doing well...