Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy Dance....:)

I had a great week at work and was able to order the threads for my Lizzie Kate Halloween Mystery Sampler today; I placed the order w/Anita Little Stitches and the shipping was a little over $10!! For just threads; so I called her and asked it that was right and she said no it's only a little over $2, so she emailed me an invoice and I hurried and paid it so it'll go out on Monday!! What a sweet lady she is; she was so polite and friendly; think I'll do all my on-line buying from her from now on..

I have been stitching on my Simple Joys and I really don't know why I ever put this down; I'm really enjoying working on it; and I can't believe its time for TULSA again!! Where is this year going?? I'm gonna go stitch while the guys are at the river swimming and it's nice and quiet.. It's the Hermit weekend you all know!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

An "oldie" but a "goodie"..

Have you ever looked thru the pile(s) of WIP that you have and come across something and wonder why you ever put it down??? Well, this happened to me today with the Simple Joys piece. I've been stitching on it all evening and really enjoying this design; lord only knows why I put it down. I recieved my Lizzie Kate Mystery Sampler today along with the material for both the bonus piece and the sampler; now I just have to order the threads; I couldn't afford to order it all at one shot..LOL But you can rest assure I will be ordering it on Friday when I get paid..

I finished this "Summer" design; it's so cute and I stitched in up in 3 days; now I'm stitching on the fob that came with the pattern; I'm stitching it over 1 thread and have never done this before and prob never will again; I'm really struggling with seeing the material. I was lucky enough to win a giveaway from Sandra at Plain & Fancy Merchant. I LOVE her designs and can't wait to get this stitched up and put on a candle. :) And of course here's my precious granddaughter Scarlett; I know I'm her grandma but isn't she the most beautiful baby EVER!!!! LOL (not counting your own babies of course; but as someone Hope everyones keeping cool and stitching a lot..