Saturday, August 25, 2012

P.S. Stash

I forgot in my last post; I recieved some stash from 123 Stitch today; I know this is my 2nd order this week; I have to be good now; well at least til the 27th when the new pictures from CCN & LHN comes and a few from Homespun Elegance; I love seeing the new fall/halloween & Christmas designs; I'm getting stocked

3rd & 4th places..

Me and Hayden went to the fair tonight and my ornament placed 3rd and my Mystery Sampler placed 4th. :) I'm very happy with that since it is my first year entering things in the Colorado State Fair. It makes you feel all "warm & fuzzy" seeing a fair ribbon with one of your pictures. LOL I'm already planning for next year; I want a red or maybe even a blue ribbon...LOL

It's so darn expensive to go to the fair; I don't see how families can afford it; it was $10 for each of us to get in; then we went and saw Kenny at the ride he's running; he tried to get me to ride on it; there was NO WAY I was going to get in that thing!!! LOL He has to sit in the middle of it all day and spin around & around. Glad it's him and not me. LOL Hayden played a few game (another $10), each of us got a bottle of tea, then we went to the vendor selling NFL things and other things; I'm a very, very big STEELERS fan. :) I got a couple of those rubber braclets and Hayden a bandana, I talked the guy into letting me having them both for $15 instead of $23 LOL Kenny had his break while we were there and we sat and drank our teas and got him a lemondae; then we went and looked at the bunnies and chickens.

I love the chickens except I feel sorry for them being in the little cages. There didn't seem to be as many people there as there was last year. It's really started to cool off here; the weather was perfect to walk around. Work was slow today; hopefully we'll be busy tomorrow; I'm broke now; but we sure had fun :).

Thursday, August 23, 2012


I couldn't think of a title for this post except for how I'm feeling..tonights the first night of the Fair, just the rides are open tonight and the wrist bands are just $10 to ride all you want; well Kennys working there and Hayden went with some kids he met. And that means I have been home ALONE since 4:30!!!

I washed, dried and put away 2 loads of clothes, did dishes, swept the kitchen floor and sat and stitched and watched one of my favorite movies: "Steel Magnolias". I've seen this movie more times than I can count and still get tears. I've been stitching away on my LK Halloween Sampler and sure loving it. Love the colour changes.

I recieved my stash yesterday; I've wanted these scissors for a while now and I don't like the way they But their really cute and I want to make the holder for it and fob. Not much else going on; I skyped with the girls today; Scarlett is such a doll. Hope everyone has a fun and relaxing weekend; I have to work; Sunday after work I'm going to the Fair with my friend Rhonda; gonna go see what I placed...wish me luck. Kennys will be working there and said we can ride the ride he's controlling but I'll pass; I'll get

Monday, August 20, 2012

TULSA & IHSW updates..

Morning ladies, hope everyone is doing well and getting lots of stitching in. I was only able to stitch a little this weekend; I worked a double on Friday and Saturday and worked Sunday til 4. So I was only able to stitch last night. And fully enjoyed it and relaxed. I can't believe it's time for TULSA again!! Where is this year going to?

As my regular readers know; Kenny lost his job a few months ago and like 1000's of other people is having a rough time finding a job; well the Colorado State Fair is in town til the 4th of Sept. He went down there the other day and waited around for a few hours for the "boss" to get there and got hired on the spot to help put the rides together and he'll be running one of the rides; when he came home from his first day of work I had to get a picture of him...LOL He was covered with grease and dirt from head to toe and STILL TRIED TO SIT ON MY COUCH AND BED!! I grabbed a towel for him to sit on. Why do men do that?? Saturday when he went to work the "boss" offered him a job going on the road with them; and I think he's going to take it for a little while. They pay pretty good and he says that if it's what he has to do for us the he'll do it. I guess their going to Texas and Louisana next. So, we'll see.

I ordered a little stash this weekend and can't wait to get it; I've been eyeing the Spiderweb Scissors by Kelmscott for about a year now and finally broke down and ordered them and a pattern, threads and material. I prob shouldn't have, but I worked hard this weekend and made good money and I deserve it...LOL