Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wonderful surprise in the mail..

I got home from work and had recieved my breadcloth from Brooke from my Ohio group (yahoo group) exchange. It's beautiful!! I can't wait to use it in my kitchen; I have a basket I'm, going to put it in and add fun stuff to. I'll post a picture when I do this. I worked today and it was dead, there's a "Boats, Bands & BBQ" at the Riverwalk; me and Kenny are going to meet my friend Rhonda there at 7:00 to listen to the 80's group "Foghat" ( I think that's it ) LOL. I hope it cools off it's in the mid 90's and very hot.. I haven't been stitching much lately, just been taking a little break. Maybe Kenny will win me another stuffed animal. LOL He loves playing those carnival games; and is pretty good at them. Hope everyone is having a fun summer so far. And being safe. My niece leaves for Cancun for her class trip; I pray she is smart and stays safe.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hi all!!!

I finished my breadcloth for an exchange tonight and was going thru my craft closet and came across a "wip" I totally forgot about. Gosh knows how long ago I started this; It's a "Heart & Hand" design, 2006 collector's heart "love is in the air" I have about 1/2 the boarder done. So I pulled my floss and started working on it again. :) I worked a double yesterday and worked the day shift today; I did pretty well, so me and Kenny are going to drive up to "Cripple Creek", and old mining town about 2 hours away; they turned into a gambling town. We just play the penny machines and last time we went I won $90 on a penny machine. I'm feeling lucky. LOL we only go a few times a year; it's a beautiful drive thru the mountains. Wish me luck; I am feeling the "need" for some stash; maybe I'll win big and can have a nice "give-a-way" for my pals. LOL