Friday, September 3, 2010

Give away at friends Blog

Loretta is having a great give-a-way to celebrate her 3rd year blogging; please check out her site.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Thursday!!

When I came home from work I had a wonderful package in the mailbox. I'm in an Autumn/Halloween Exchange in my Yahoo Buckeye Stitchers Group. Kathy sent me a wonderful package that really made my day. Thank you again Kathy, you really out did yourself hun. I've never had a thread separator before. LOL

Well, my DD just called and asked if I wanted to come over and help her put Scarlett to bed. YAHOO!!!

Give away at friends Blog

My friend Kathy is having a wonderful give-a-way!!! Please check out her site.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Scarett's 2 weeks old today!!!

You ladies have to be patient with me about my posting about my beautiful granddaughter, Scarlett. She's is just the joy of all our lives now and her grandma is obsessed!!

Me and Kenny and my DD & SIL and Scarlett went to the Colorado State Fair last night and saw a great Rodeo; Scarlett slept thru it; I don't see how; the music was pretty loud. My DD use to ride in Rodeos when she was younger; she did barrels and when she was the queen of her riding club (for 3 years in a row) she rode in the "grand entry" at several rodeos. I know she misses doing it; I could see it on her face last night when we were watching the girls do barrels; I'm sure she'll get back into it in a year or two; she's very good.

I worked today and I'm getting ready to stitch on a RR w/a kitchen theme. Me and Kenny had a long talk and were going to try and make our relationship work. I do love him and I believe me loves me also; I believe a LOT of our problems is because on Menopause. LOL Sometimes I think I'm really losing my damn mind. When I get up to 30 followers I think I'll do a drawing. :) They sound like a lot of fun.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Fun at the Colorado State Fair!!

I was off work today; and was able to stitch a LOT!! First I finished the Red Winged Blackbird from Bent Creek for myself; I stitched one for my mom; I want to finish it into a pin pillow; and I went to the Quilt shop downtown last week and found the perfect material and I know that when I finish it I'll want to keep it; and since it was such a fun stitch I decided to stitch myself up one and I"ll finish both at the same time; I'll post a picture when I'm done. Kenny took Rowdy (our dog) down to the river to swim for a few hours to give me some alone time. :) So I watched re-runs of Andy Griffith (my favorite, but only the black & white ones w/Barney) and stitched; I started a RR I'm in; the ladies theme is "Kitchen". It'll be real cute when I"m done; then we ate dinner; (left over spaghetti; which tastes better the 2nd day) and decided to go up to the Colorado State Fair.

It's only about 1/2 miles from our home; we walked around and he played a few games and won me 2 big stuffed animals. :) A white bear holding a pink heart that says "I love you" and a big purple and white cow. LOL I"m 49 years old and I still get a huge smile when he wins me a stuffed animal. I'm up to 27 of them now. LOL then we went and sat on the grass and listened to a band that was playing for about 30 minutes and went back to the car where we found a parking ticket because we were "too close to the walk way". We were at least 20 ft. from it! Besides the ticket we had fun. Back to work tomorrow. YUCK!!