Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thank you Shirlee

I won Shirlee's giveaway at Farmhouse Ponderings and reiceved my package today; it was well worth the wait!!!! She sent a couple little surprises; a beautiful prim doll and bell garland along with this beautiful caddie..I will cherish these for a very long time hun..thank you again Shirlee..

Years ago, (prob 25) I stitched my whole family Christmas stockings; over many of Heathers moves she lost hers; she recently moved back home (another story for another time, but I'm enjoying having her home again), I was unpacking Christmas things and came across my dads stocking I stitched for him; him and Heather were very close, since I was 17 when I had Heather my parents helped me raise her most of her childhood, and my dad was so much more than a "pap" to her. When we lost my dad 6 years ago; Heather has yet to accept his death. I know my dad wouldn't want anyone else but her to have his stocking; so with a heavy heart I removed "Dad" from the stocking and stitched "Heather". When she saw it hanging up she remembered it being my dads and cried. I told her she can have it but it stays with me. :)

I started to "finish" some of the ornaments and other "winter" things, first is this cube; I followed Vonnas instructions best I could; she makes it look so easy; believe me I struggled a little; but I think with time I will get it..LOL Thank you Vonna for sharing. I have more to write about but I am tired tonight and think I'm going to go eat a small bowl of ice cream and go to bed; I'm working 8 days straight because me and Kenny are going out of town Thursday and Friday; were going up to a little "gaming" town, "Cripple Creek". It's an old mining town that decorates the whole town for Christmas and we like to play the penny machines. We are staying at a new hotel up there; the rooms are regular $79 and we went online and got a nice room for $39 just for "liking" them on Facebook..I can't wait to get away; even if it's just for overnight...Thank you again Shirlee, you made my day...