Sunday, May 15, 2011

A little stitching...

I havent stitched that much this weekend; I worked all weekend and we were so slow. I hate when it's slow; the time goes by so much slower. I'm still pretty depressed over Scarlett & Ash being gone; it'll just take some time; the bad part is she still has to come back to meet the movers before going to Germany. And I'll have to go thru this all over again.

I started this picture out of my Stitchers Journal by BBD for my oldest daughter Heathers birthday June 3. I have an "important" box that I've had for as long as I can remember; I put silly little things in it that mean a lot to me; like I have the card from the flowers my dad sent me in 1979 when I had my gallblatter out; I was only 17 and it was a major surgery at the time, all my grandparents glasses, my dads glasses movie stubs; cards the girls made for me in school, scareltts hat from the hospital; my hospital bands from when I had my girls; you get the idea. Mine is a Sketchers shoe box. LOL I'm going to Joanns ad see if they have a wooded box; I want to colour it dark blue and sand it to make it look worn; and put this picture on the top of the lid. I think she'll love it. And these are my violets; their blooming like crazy.

I'm off work tomorrow and hope to get this finished up; then I'll start something for me; I haven't decided yet what to do?? Take care all.