Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Great Give-a-way..

Barbara over at "To Stitch or Not to Stitch" is having an incredible give a way...I wish I could sew like she does....

Hugs, Shar

Monday, June 20, 2011

Should I???

I want to start a new picture; never-mind the 2011 Crazy Challenge where I've only completed 1, LOL and the dozen others I have started; I have gotten some pretty cute new patterns lately and they are calling my name and I'm trying my hardest not to surcome to their calls and finish the ones I have started. LOL

I swear this "Cross Stitching" is a disease; I nice one thou. But once it gets in your blood stream your thru..LOL all common sence goes right out the window. When I first started stitching in 1984 I was "one of those" stitchers who only did one at a time and I did this for years; then I started slowly adding others and now I wonder if I'm a "Serial Starter"?? LOL How about you all? Do you have to have more than one going at a time?

We finally have rain!! It's been raining since in the middle of the night, I woke to thunder and lightening and laid their watching it light up my window for the longest time; Kenny is out job hunting again; he goes out everyday and I sure hope someone calls soon, it's only been 2 weeks. He thought he had one at the local newspaper; but they said to call back next Monday. So, we'll see. I'm off today and tomorrow, I have my nightgows & robe in the washer and I guess I'll do the rest of the laundry; or should I just sit on my behind and stitch while it's so nice and quiet?? Ok, I'll stitch; at least I took a shower today. :) Hope everyone has a great day..