Saturday, August 11, 2012

Spooky start & stash...

I finally was able to start my Lizzie Kates Halloween Mystery Sampler; and it's sure a fun picture to stitch. Then in the mail today I received part 2 with the 30ct Carrot linen to stitch the bonus picture with. I love the colours in this picture and if anyones having thoughts on stitching this picture please do. It's so pretty and fun. I also got October 31 and the 40ct Days gone by linen to stitch it on; and this linen is beautiful..I can't wait to start it; I think it's in my near future..LOL

Work was horribly slow today; I hate when it's this slow; it makes the day go by so darn slow. I got home and Kenny had taken Hayden to the river to swim for a while; so I got some alone time, I'm watching the Andy Griffith marathon (again); I absolutly LOVE Andy and Barney. Even though I've seen all of the shows a dozen times (some more) I can still watch it everyday.. :) And of course heres a picture of my little cuddle bug, Scarlett. She'll be 2 years old on the 17th; I can't believe she's getting so big.. Hope everyones having a fun and safe weekend..

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Opps forgot to post this

I forgot to post this picture of the other ornament; I am going to have to redo the bow in this; it's driving me

Off to the fair & a finish...

Evening sweet ladies; I hope everyone is doing well and staying cool. I was off work today and shame on me; I was suppose to go to the dentist and I cancelled, I'm deathly afraid of the dentist and it takes a lot for me to go and well, nothings so I didn't go. I feel bad now; but I spent the day finishing a few ornaments and just didn't want to stop, I know thats a poor excuse, I'll call and reschedule tomorrow I do have a couple teeth that need fillings and I don't want them to get worse.

Here's my Mystery Sampler all framed and off to the Colorado State Fair tomorrow; I am also entering the Peppermint ornament, I like the other one also but it's a little crooked and I don't really care for the bow at the top; I'll prob end up redoing it. I made a huge mess just making these two earlier today I was going to stitch and "Baby" was sleeping in my stitching chair so I just let her sleep. I did finish Simple Joys night before last; it was such a fun design to stitch, I'm going to get it framed and hang in our bedroom. Now I'm finishing a fob I started a while ago and then I'm going to stitch on my Lizzie Kates Halloween Mystery Sampler. I'm trying to get some of these WIPS done along with the new things. :)

Last night I hope everyone felt "safe", Kenny and Hayden were "saving the world" playing some game their taking my things to the fairgrounds tomorrow; I have to work. Yesterday I had a Dr. appt, I've lost 8 lbs and have about 30 to go, I've just cut pop out, I use to drink sprite all day at work, but I've been drinking water or Crystal Light and it's starting to pay off. Plus me and Kenny are walking at night, we take the 2 dogs with us. . Wish me luck at the fair; I'm nervous and excited; I've won blue ribbons at a County fair but I've never entered in the Colorado State Fair before. Judging is the 10th and the fair isn't until the 25th thru the 5th. I'll be heart broken if I don't get something. LOL Night dear friends..