Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Early Bird...:)

I have to wake Hayden at 6 a.m. to get ready for school and I usually go back to sleep til about 8; but for some unknown reason I couldn't this morning; so I got up and have been busy this morning; I've washed, dried & put away one load of clothes and have the other load in the dryer, coloured my hair, made beds, picked up, cleaned the bathroom and I only need to dust and I think Im gonna put out my fall/halloween decorations today. I decided to take a break; Andy Griffith show is on for the next hour; so I have to watch it..LOL I LOVE Andy & Barney...I don't watch the shows in "color", just the black & white ones w/Barney. I wish I would have grown up in those "days"; life was so slow and simple. It amazes me how the youth of today can't put those stupid cell phones down or they think their missing out on something..

I ordered some stash from Anita from Anita Little Stitches; she's always so quick to get orders out and is such a sweet lady to deal with. I have been working on my LK Mystery Sampler and nothing else for a few weeks now; I got part 3 yesterday and am almost ready to start part 3; hopefully I'll get to it today. That's my plan to stitch all afternoon. :) We'll see....lol

I brought my Sampler home from the fair and have it hanging in the Living Room. :) Kennys doing well; he's in Amarillo, TX now. I think my dryers about to "buzz" so I guess I better go. Hope everyone is getting some of this cooler weather were getting here in Colorado. Today it's suppose to be 93 and tomorrow it's suppose to be 64 and rain. I can't wait for tomorrow; even though it's my "Monday" at work. We've been so slow; Sept. is our slowest month.