Friday, August 26, 2011

A little stitching..

I was able to sit and stitch a little on Jolly Jack. It's really a fun stitch; I hope to get it done Tuesday. I have to work tomorrow and Sunday and I'm off Monday and Tuesday; right now Kenny is off on Sat & Sundays; so I have all day Mon & Tues to do whatever I want. I think I may go see "The Help" on Tuesday; it's $5 on Tuesdays. I don't mind going alone at all. In fact I think it's very enjoyable.

Barnes & Nobles is right next to the movies so I may go sit in there and enjoy some "me" time. :) The girls are on the plane safe & sound. I feel so much better knowing their almost to Torry. I am so proud of Ashley; she has grown into a strong young lady; I guess I did something right. :)

Here's a few pics of Scarlett that I took before they left. Thank you again for all your blessings and sweet words.

Hugs, Shar


Thank you ladies for your sweet words; I made it thru that "good-bye". Whew, it sure was a tough one. The girls are in Dallas now; I just spoke w/Ashley, their "driving around" because she has a 1/2 a tank of gas and the car has to have 1/4 of a tank before they ship it. I told her to go to a gas station and ask someone there if they want a 1/4 tank of gas..they could syphen (?sp) it out and she's afraid it's not legal and she won't do it. LOL I told her it's her gas; I know it's illegal to syphen out someone elses gas but not your own. LOL

I'll just feel better once their in Germany with Torry. Or even on the plane. I know she's a smart girl and I'm so proud of her. She's done so much growing up. Being a military wife does that to you. My dad was in the Air Force and Ashley's dad was in the Army; so I was a military wife/daughter also. I love the military life.

I haven't done much stitching; I did start Jolly Jack; I have the words and 1/2 a crow done; I think I'll stitch tonight til Kenny gets home from work; then were going to Colorado State Fair; my manager is giving us tickets to see Little Big Town; I think it'll be fun and I need some fun. I'll take pictures. Thanks again for the sweet words..they make it easier..I gotta go get ready for work..Hope everyone on the East coast will be safe..Your in my thoughts; I have a brother living in Virginia Beach. I hope he's safe, but the hurricane can wash my SIL out to sea; it'd do everyone a lot of good if it did. LOL..

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sad Day..:(

I knew today would come; the girls leave for Dallas today. They fly out of Dallas to Germany tomorrow. Their flying out of Dallas because that's where Ashley has to ship the car from. I have dreaded this day for months. Time is going by so fast. I have to work til about 3, I think their leaving about . It's a 12 hour drive from here to Dallas.

Not much to say today..I wish this day was already over...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More stash & a new start...

I seriously think I have a problem; I'm a "Serial Starter"...I can't help myself I keep finding patterns I've bought over time and want to start them NOW..LOL I came across this Jolly Jack last night and a piece of Cashel "Days Gone By" Linen and thought they'd look great together. I'm off work today and after I clean the kitchen and sweep & mop the floor I'm starting this...I went to my LNS yesterday and had to pick up a few more little things. I think I'm pretty good...well, at least for a while..

Scarlett & Ashley leave for Germany on Friday; she has to drive to Dallas and then drop her car off to be shipped to Germany and take a shuttle to the airport and they fly out at 4:30 p.m. I hate to see them go but I know they belong with Torry. He's missed so much of Scarlett's growing up already. I'm babysitting Scarlett tonight while Ashley goes out with her friends. I don't mind; I sure am going to miss them. I'm going to start saving to go over for Christmas in 2012. :)

Well, the kitchen isn't getting done by me just sitting here. LOL