Friday, November 25, 2011


I finally was able to decorate my blog (somewhat). Did anyone go out Black Friday shopping? NOT ME!! I hate crowds and just dont want to deal with all the rude people out there. I deal with them everyday at I use to go with Ashley when she was here; she loves to shop, that girl has a shopping problem; she has a problem w/Victorias Secrets "PINK" collection kind of like I have a stitching

I didn't finish my ornament last night and I'm so close; me and Kenny watched "Super 8" last night. I liked it..have a great day full of relaxing and stitching...

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Driving me Nuts!! & TULSA

I was going to change my blog for Christmas today; but the stupid *!* blogger is messing up; yet again; it won't let me copy or paste on my blog; as you can see; I earased my background because I was going to change it..I just got done trying again and it still won't let me; I've tried using a different mouse; shutting down and restarting; so I guess it's just the blogger messing up again; hopefully it'll be okay tomorrow..I swear I have more trouble than not on this site..

I worked today and we were busier than we are on Mother's Day; which is usually the busiest day of the year; I am a waitress at a nice family restaurant called "The Black-eyed Pea". My sales are usually between $200-400 and today when I got off my sales were $780! I made very good tips so it was well worth it; people were very friendly and thankful we were open. I guess people just don't cook anymore; what I'd give to be at my moms today (I live in Colorado and my family is in Ohio) w/my family. Maybe next year.

I got a little more stash yesterday; I fell in love with this Boughts of Holly design when I saw it and HAD to have it.. Here's my TULSA for this month..I'm almost done with Snow in Love; I will finish it tonight; I may just "finish" some of my ornaments tonight; I'm kind of in the mood to do that; I'm very tired though; my feet are killing me; especially my heels; lately they have really been giving me problems. Hope everyone had a wonderful day w/their families, friends..Ashley posted some pictures of Scarlett eatting her Thanksgiving meal; how I miss those girls.