Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dinner anyone???

After Kenny went to work I decided to walk down to the library to print off a couple cute "freebies" (my printers out of ink) LOL then I walked over to this little bakery that's been in Pueblo prob 40 years; they have the BEST stuff!! I wanted to get something special for desert, I ended up getting a loaf of fresh wheat bread, banana nut bread and they had their sour dough loaves for $1 and there was 1 left so I had to get it; I'm making Chicken Catachori for supper and this bread will go great with it.

I ended up getting a couple of these puff pastries; I have a Hershey's Bar at home I'll melt on the double broiler and drizzle over the top and Kenny will love these..:) I only hope they make it to dinner..LOL I'll take a pic of my plate before I eat it looks so pretty...Now off to sit and stitch the day away. I'm not doing anything til 4; then I'll start my work laundry and finish up dinner. Hope everyones having a nice day..

TUSLA & stitching..

I didn't get much done yesterday on Jolly Jack hopefully today I will. I had to go to the Dr. and they did a bunch of blood work and then I had to go get my knees xrayed; they bother me, but I'm sure it's my work and age that are getting to me. Its hard work being a waitress. :) esp when your 50. LOL

I can't believe it's time for TULSA already and September is a few days away; where does the time go to? This year has gone by so fast. The kids are having a blast in Germany. They went to a festival this past weekend and sent some pictures so I'm sharing with you. Not much to say today; kind of woke up "bitchy" LOL...

Sunday, August 28, 2011


I forgot to post my favorite picture of the float...the white buffalo...lol


This is what I woke up to Saturday morning; the Colorado State Fair is held here in Pueblo and every year on the Saturday after the fair starts is the annual parade; well it lines up in front of our home. Every year I wake to the sound of a marching band at about 6 a.m. One year I opened the door and walked out to a helicopter ontop of a semi truck in front of our home. LOL

I thought the one from the Nursery was especially nice. I hope we get to go to the fair this year; I'm sure we'll make it at least once; it's so expensive and money is a little tight with Kenny just starting a new job and he doesn't get paid til the 15th of September. We were slammed at work today; I did make $75 and that's not bad for 5 hours of work. Not counting the $4.36 an hour I make. LOL I love being a waitress; it's hard work and it's especially hard on my feet and back; but I have a lot of "regulars" that I enjoy taking care of.

Kenny did all the laundry today and had made chicken breasts and mashed potatoes for dinner; they were really good. I am going to go do the dishes and then stitch on Jolly Jack I really want to get him done because I'm going to put out my Halloween decorations either tomorrow or Tuesday. Seeing everyone putting theirs up is making me want to put mine up. Oh, I stopped by the grocery store on the way home and picked up the Just Cross Stitch Halloween issue. :) I have to look at that before dishes..LOL Hope everyone is safe on the East coast...