Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Hope everyones doing well today. I absolutly love the fall weather. I went on a walk today and really enjoyed the leaves and the cooler weather. I started my Delivering Autumn last night. I stitched while watching Dancing w/the Stars..:) Not a lot to say today; think I'm gonna go stitch some..

Monday, October 15, 2012


I've been taking pictures to share with everyone while I've been away; I found this Chicken Spaghetti on Pinterest and made it and it's now me and Haydens favorite meal..He was playing with our cat (baby) the other night and it was so cute..and of course here's Miss Scarlett....what else can I say about her..she's getting so big and adorable. Ashley and Torry took Scarlett and had some new family pictures take. Hope everyone is doing well and stitching a lot..

I'm Baaaaacccckk...lol

I've been MIA from blogging for a little over a month now; I just didn't feel like chatting I guess? I looked at my blog and read all your posts everyday. I have no real excuse. I've been busy stitching on my Lizzie Kate Mystery Sampler and just finished stitching on the little buttons, charms and beads this morning; I am going to take it to Hobby Lobby tomorrow to be framed. Then I got my next project all ready to start; I'm going to do Homespun Elegances Delivering Autumn. I've kind of been on a stash "binge" lately..lol That's what happens when I have too much alone time, Kennys still traveling (working)so that means a lot of alone time; and I guess I need to stay off the 123 site..lol