Thursday, December 22, 2011

Darn Camera....

I finally got around to finishing some ornaments and when I was taking pictures my camera died; so I'll have to post the other ones tomorrow. We have about a foot of snow outside and it's still lightly snowing. I rode to work w/my friend who lives across the street, we slipped all the way to work; when I got there 3 people called off so instead of having 8 waiterss, we had 5, which was fine we could have gotten by with 3.

I broke down and ordered myself the January Word Play and the threads I don't have needed for it and another chart from LK I plan on stitching for someone "special" :) so I won't show it yet. I figured I haven't ordered myself any stash for a while now. Merry Christmas to ME!! LOL

I had some sad news this morning; I have waited on this adorable older couple for 4 years, well in March we lost Mrs. Rains; Mr. Rains comes in every Thursday & Sunday; I would always find a few minutes to sit and visit with him. I know he missed her terribly; whenever his daughter (from Virginia) & son (from Ohio) come to visit they come see me; me and his daughter (Barbara) exchanged phone numbers without him knowing so she could call me and check on how he's doing w/out him knowing she was checking or if he didn't come in for a few days I'd call her, we've gotten close; well she & her hubby were here visiting, a week ago Sunday Mr. Rains slipped and fell in the bathroom and they took him to the hospital. She called me this morning and told me he'd passed away yesterday. :( He was doing so good; but went to sleep and passed away. I know he's happy to be with his wife again, but we will all dearly miss him. You never know what life holds for you, just live everyday like it's your last and tell every person who you love how you feel for them because you never know.


Monday, December 19, 2011

Wonderful Surprise....

I recieved this beautiful ornament from Shirlee (Farmhouse Ponderings). I absolutly LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it hun!!!! It was a very wonderful surprise. We are doing a private friendship exchange next year. I can't wait!! Thank you so very much hun; I can't express to you howmuch I love this ornament; my 2 favorite things gingerbread men & peppermints..LOL

I have to work Christmas Eve til 6; Kenny & Heather are going to fix dinner; were going to cook our Christmas meal on Christmas Eve and then just relax on Christmas and open gifts and eat leftovers. Kenny got a turkey from his job on Thanksgiving so were going to fix that. Me and Heather (oldest DD) are off to Walmart & Joanne's in a few minutes to get the last little things. I need to get things for Kennys stocking.