Saturday, January 21, 2012

Trip to LNS!!

I went shopping with my friends from work; Erin and Dora Lee, Erin brought her 11 year old son and Dora Lee brought her 14 year old daughter and one of her friends. :(
I don't really "like" kids; now don't get me wrong; I love my daughters and grandkids and some of my friends kids are alright, but I absolutly don't babysit, never have and never will. I guess I learned that from when I was married to Ashley's dad and he was in the Army and we lived on base and most of those Army wives had 3-5 kids; I had 2 girls and took them everywhere with me. We were at the mall for 4 L O N G hours; I was ready to leave after 1 I just wanted to go to my LNS I thought of it all day.

Dora Lee drove her own car and I rode w/Erin; so when we left the mall and went to my LNS Erin & her son said they'd wait in the car so I felt kind of rushed; even though she said not to rush; she's bought one of those electric cigarettes and wanted to read & play around with it. I havent' been there since Aug 22...that's a long ass time!! I just don't go to Springs much; it's only about 45 mins from Pueblo.

Anyways, my LNS has a punch card so that everytime you go in they mark a little box with the amount (minus tax of course) you spent and when your card is full (12 spaces) they add up the amount; mine was $370; then you'd get 10% of that amount off your order; my card was full so I got $37 in free stash!!! I was soooo happy. I got some threads, and this cute chart from La D Da I've been admiring for a while "Count Your Blessings", and they didn't have the called for material so I choose a piece of 32ct. Natural Brown Linen; it's really pretty and I think it'll look nice on there; then when I was checking out the material I came across this 32ct. Belfast Platinum material; I don't have any idea what I'm going to stitch on it; but I sure do love it. I just had her cut me a big piece. Then I hit the buttons...I don't know about your all but I LOVE LOVE LOVE JAB Buttons!! I have a lot of them and just can't stop buying new ones..then I saw this cute needle magnet that I looked at and put down and had to go back and get it because it would be one of those things you see and don't buy and then just think about it all the time and how you should have bought it..LOL I had fun and sure wish I would have had more time in there; but then I guess I would have spent more than I did; I only ended up spending $24 out of off to stitch; sorry about the blurry picture...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Spring Stash & a gift..

I was looking at my stash the other day and realized I don't really have any spring theme patterns; so I went to 123 Stitch's site and picked up a few; I kited a few of them up and put in my basket I have sitting by my stitching chair. I have about 7 projects in there; some started and some not. I stitched on a exchange gift tonight; I need to finish and get it sent to my partner. :)

Me & Kenny have had a rough week; I know all couples go thru tough times; we've been fighting since Monday off and on. Today he handed me a little box wrapped up in pretty paper (I should have taken a picture of it but was kind of in shock). He gave me this pretty ring; were not married, we've been living together for 3 years now and I don't want to ever get married again. He knows this so he says it's a "I love you" ring. I can take that....LOL It's a carat heart shape with tiny diamonds on either side set in white gold.

And of course another photo of Scarlett...Ashley ordered her some clothes and she had more fun in the Ash said she was mailing her to her Grandma..which would be wonderful to me. She says she doesn't want her back when I'm done w/her because she'll be so spoiled...well I think Ash & Torry do a very good job at spoiling her. Their great parents to her..

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SAL progress..

I stitched almost all day yesterday on my SAL with Shirlee. I'm almost done and prob could have finished more but my eyes were bothering me last night so I decided to stop before Mr. Frog paid me a visit. I really enjoy this series; I just ordered Febs chart & can't wait to get it. I need to get started on my Feb Cottage also; I haven't even started it yet; I have it all kitted up; maybe I'll start it today. I'm usually off work on Monday & Tuesdays but I wanted this coming Saturday off so I'm working today and have to drop Rowdy off at the groomers first.

Me and my friend Erin are going to Colorado Springs shopping on Saturday; were gonna swing by my LNS; she doesn't stitch so I don't think I'll be able to stay there as long as I usually do when I go; but at least I'll be and am sure I'll find "something"..

I decided to call my new cat "Baby". I noticed Kenny calls her that when he talks to her and I started doing the same and she seems to like it; she's getting use to us; once in a while she'll hiss but she'll come around. This one picture of her on the bookcase she's lying on my stack of stitching that needs to be "finished". ugh!! Guess I better jump in the shower and get ready for work. blah!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Charms giveaway...

Victorian Motto Sampler is having a wonderful giveaway. she's giving 10 charms away to 3 readers...hop on over and check it out..please say you saw it on my blog..

Hugs, Shar

p.s. I have some pics to share with everyone in a little while...