Thursday, February 3, 2011

TUSAL and of course Scarlett..:)

Hi everyone; hope those of you who have experienced this snow is keeping warm and busy stitching away. It has been so cold outside; then today it was 33 outside; when I was driving home from work it started to lightly snow. Me and Ashley bundled up Miss. Scarlett and the 3 of us ventured to the mall. I needed to get a few things at Joann's and she wanted to check out the "PINK" section at Victorias Secret.

Well while we were in there our little snow turned into a blizzard. :) So, we cut our shopping short and came on home. We stopped at Wendy's she got a #1 combo and I got a baked potato and some chili. They have the best chili. It's still snowing out; those big flakes. Their so pretty.

As for stitching I am still working on my Homespun Elegance piece. I haven't made much progress (as you can see); it's coming along though. I need to finish up the RR I'm currently in and then I'm not going to do anymore exchanges for a while. I may keep up with the LK one, it's been a lot of fun, and the pieces I've been getting are so cute. Take care everyone and keep warm..

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Great Giveaway...

Nataly is having a wonderful giveaway, go to:
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's off in the mail...

I finished my LK exchange; it was so hard to part with it. It turned out great; I'm getting better with my finishing. :) I started Homespun Elegance's "Love Flower" last night while me and Ashley watched "Secretariat". Ashley loves horses. When she was younger she had a horse (actually she's owned 3) and was involved in Barrel Racing. She is very good on a horse. I use to love to watch her in the shows. She's always wanted to "jump" in horse shows; but I never allowed her, that scares me.

It's so freaking cold outside; I can't wait to see my gas bill; our furnace hasn't shut off all day. It's -2 now and suppose to get down to -22 tonight. :( I like the winter, but NOT the cold. I was off work today, we went to the quilt shop for the material to finish my LK design; then to Walmart to do some grocery shopping and shopping for Scarlett. Ashley bought her a walker; it's so cute. I'll post a picture tomorrow. Hope everyone who is getting this storm is staying inside and keeping safe and warm.

Monday, January 31, 2011

New Blog Design. :)

I was off work today and it's like 2 outside; so we didn't do anything today. So I decided to redo my blog for Feb and Valentines Day. I did stitch this afternoon while watching One Life To Live and General Hospital. I just have to finish it and get it off in the mail on Wednesday. It's suppose to get down to -20 tonight and about -6 tomorrow is our high; plus it's snowing. So we won't be going out anywhere.

Ashley ordered a pizza, bread sticks and wings from Pizza Hut for our dinner. :) We were going to go run errands and go grocery shopping today; but didn't make it. She had to take her car to the shop and it took longer than she expected. I didn't mind. I love when I'm off work and it snows; I had the blinds open and sat and stitched and watched the snow fall. Inbetween taking care of Scarlett; she stayed here with me today while Ashley was gone taking care of her car.

I can't post a picture of what I'm working on because it's a surprise; but when it makes it to it's new home I'll be sure to post one; it's really beautiful if I can say so myself. LOL I'm going to start something for myself next. I think I'm going to go and look for something now before the pizza gets here. This is Miss. Scarlett sleeping and the other one was taken a few weeks ago; we were cuddling on my stitching chair.