Friday, February 24, 2012

Snow & new start..

I woke to snow yesterday; but the time the snow ended we had 6 inches, it's almost all gone today; living in Colorado is crazy; Wednesday it was 70 yesterday snow and 30 and today it was about 45. I think we have more snow coming in on Monday.

One of the cooks at work brought some strawberries into work and made a few of us ladies some little deserts; this is a picture of what he made for me; it's strawberry roses and then he cut up 3 other ones and put carmel & chocolate on them; it really made my day. I did share with one of the other girls who didn't get any. LOL. I wish I had a plate of them right now. I went to Captain D's and brought home some fish for dinner; I think it was a little too greasy for me. I can tell I'm getting PMS; cramps and the "bitch-mode" is slowly moving poor Kenny. I hope when I get my biopsy done; they will decide to do a hyster. (can't spell it)

I started this little spring picture last night, I still am working on the model; I should be able to get it in the mail to her Monday. I have a couple "goodie" boxes to get in the mail Monday. :) Hope everyone is able to get some stitching done this weekend..

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I can't believe it's time to post our TULSA again, this year is flying by, the older I get the faster time goes. I'll be 51 on Sunday...yuck..LOL Oh well. I've been doing my model stitching all day; I finished one and got about 1/4 done with the second, I hope to have it done by Thursday.

I went with Kenny to the hospital yesterday, he had to get some blood work done and while I was waiting I went by the little coffee shop and they had all these "goodies" that the girl had just put out; it was so hard to pick just one...I got the Raspberry treat, I only hate 1/2 and saved the rest of Kenny; it was soooo darn good. It should be for $2.00!! I didn't think they'd be that much; but at least it was good. :)

Not much else going on; I kind of got the "blahs" today, not quite sure why. I made Chili Mac for dinner and it was delicious; Kenny had 3 bowls. LOL I pack him some for his lunch tomorrow and I have enough for myself for lunch; I don't have to leave for work til 3:00 tomorrow; I get paid and can't get my check til 3, so I'll leave early and get my check and cash it, pay the electric and water and put the rest in my account; I have a $50 order ready to send off at 123 Stitch..:) Happy Birthday to me...LOL

Monday, February 20, 2012

A must have....

I went to Walmart after work yesterday and had to check out the magazines and came across this beauty! It's a "must have" girls, so hurry to Walmart and snatch this one up; it's a little expensive ($9.95) but soooooo worth it; I sat and looked at it for over an hour last night and am planning on looking & reading it today. I have my Grandma Brewsters hankies and have been wanting to do something special with them and when I saw the cover w/the curtains made from vintage hankies I knew I had to buy it; it's full of all kinds of neat ideas.

I did stitch some for the Hermit stitching, but I can't show any pictures (yet), I'm stitching a few models for Stitcher's Closet and can't share yet. But I sure am having fun stitching these, it's nice to stitch something other than Pumpkins & Christmas stuff, LOL Don't get me wrong I LOVE Halloween, it's prob my favorite holiday, but the brighter colours are such a relief.

I skyped with the girls this morning; as always we had a nice visit; I thank god for Skype, I don't know if I could make it with them in Germany without it. I'm off work today and tomorrow and switched shifts w/a girl at work so I am working nights Wednesday and don't have to be there til 4:30 Wednesday night. :) Kenny has a Dr. appt today so I guess I better get in the shower and get ready to go with him, maybe I can talk him into stopping at the Antique shops downtown, but prob not; I think I'll just wait and go alone tomorrow; he hurries thru. LOL

Happy Stitching....