Monday, October 29, 2012

I think I'm losing my &*%# mind!!!

Well ladies, not much stitching going on lately; for those of you who are with me in this HELL called "Menapause", I know you fully understand what I'm going's like another person has taken over the once sweet, patient, caring lady I USE to place of her lately has been this crazy, nasty, short tempered, hateful, boring, walking around like a time bomb woman who I hardly know... I was taken into my bosses office with him and another manager and given a "verbal warning" because I made a girl cry at work..I had to really bite my tongue and tell him "well, if you'd stop hiring these young girls who think them flirting and being sexy WAY beyond their years" I wouldn't be hateful to them....(there's rumors the manager is sleeping with said girl, he's 57 she's 19) Can you say YUCK!!!! I was told I'm not acting like myself and they don't understand it. I told them "try being trapped inside this body and mind"..I find myself thinking of things that aren't even true...This is so unfair to us ladies to have to go thru this hell, and to be told that it's just a "part of life"..well, I refuse to believe I go to the Dr. and tell her what I am feeling and what's going on, she's says it's "Normal" for a lady of "my age (51) and prescribes me a anti-depressant...LOL and that it will probabley take 2 to 4 weeks before it works...Don't they have a miracle pill we can take and feel the effects right away?? Sorry to rant to all you sweet ladies, I do feel better now that I've gotten some off my Please let me know that I am not the only one feeling this way...I think I'll go walk around the mall for a while and see if I can shop it