Saturday, June 30, 2012


I know thats not a good title for my Sometimes I'm just at a loss for words and right now is one of those moments. I don't wanna go to work today and have to start getting ready in about 10 mins and I just feel "Blah".

Kennys still in Oregon; he'll be home next Friday night. Me and Hayden (aka: Boo, to Grandma) :) are getting along good; he is taking care of Kennys garden for him and keeping me good company. He walked to my work yesterday and we had dinner together and then went to Kmart; I got him a few things & we came on home and watched a stupid vampire movie. He liked it; I thought it was dumb; but watched it anyways. :)

Still haven't stitched; except for about 20 mins yesterday before I left for work; I finished the house on my Mystery Sampler; I'm so close to finishing it; I just need to force myself to stitch on it; I just don't feel like stitching right now. So much has happened the past week. Thank you again ladies for your sweet, sweet words; they mean a LOT to both Kenny and myself. Hopefully my next post will show a finished Mystery Sampler. :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

So sad...:(

Kennys mom (Penny) had a heart attack about 10 days ago and had to have a double bypass surgery; she got a staff infection and just never bounced back, Saturday her kidneys started to shut down and then his sister called Tuesday and said her lungs had stopped working and they'd put her on life support and Kenny had better get home; with him outta work we just didn't have the money for him to get there; his sister called a family friend and then he called Kenny and bought Kenny a plane ticket so he could see him mom before she passed. God bless you Lynn for doing this for him. It broke my heart to see this 6'5, 240 lb man break down. His family is in Oregon and were in Colorado. So he called me at 3:30 this morning and said he sat with her and held her hand and said what he needed to, her eyes fluttered and then bless her heart she went with the Lord.

She was an amazing lady whom I loved dearly and she will be dearly missed by many. I wish I could have sent with him; but I have to stay here with Hayden and I have to work and keep things going here. Keeping an eye on this horrible fire in the Springs; its an hour drive from here and I hope they can get control of it soon; so many people losing their homes; its so sad.

Thank you again ladies for your sweet, sweet words about Hayden. He's doing well, we ordered pizza and had a movie night together last night; he feels bad for Kenny; the two of them get along really well. I haven't stitched for days; but hopefully I will be able to sit and relax tonight and get a few stitches in my Mystery Sampler. Take care sweet ladies and I have truely been bless with some wonderful friends..

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thank you..

Thank you ladies for your sweet words and prayers. Hayden is 16 years old. He told me "Grandma I prayed and right after I did a really nice lady picked me up and gave me a ride for about 20 miles and gave me $50", "then a really nice truck driver picked me up and brought me to Pueblo". I cried. I just hugged him and cried. My heart just breaks for him. But he is safe now and will stay with us. I am going to take him to Goodwill and Arc (like goodwill) today and see if we can get him some clothes.

Not much stitching planned for a few days. :) Gotta fatten my "Boo" up...he's so thin. :( But Grandma will take care of that!!! LOL

Monday, June 25, 2012

I almost fainted!!!

Sit down for this one ladies...Me and Kenny had a lot of errands to run today and we did them in our 107 degree weather here in Colorado; well, we got home and sat down with some flavored water when we hear this loud knocking on the door; he goes to the door and opens it and in walks in a young man who at first I didn't quite reconize; it was MY GRANDSON HAYDEN!! Now here's why I didn't reconize him....he was living in another town in Montrose w/his mother and he went to TEXAS with a friend on my daughters and the guy and Hayden got in an argument and they guy left him on the side of the road!!! Along with EVERYTHING my grandson owns; they were suppose to come here but the guy decided to go to Texas first I guess?? I had NO idea any of this was going on!! Well, he (Hayden) takes it upon himself to....sit down ladies....he HITCH HIKED from Texas to Colorado!!!! A very nice truck driver drove about 200 miles out of his way to bring him to his grandma!!! I still want to throw up just thinking about it. I asked why he didn't call me and he said he didn't have my number with him he just knew where my house was..and it "wasn't a big deal GRANDMA" I'm sure I kept turning pailer & and his mother will have a very...I don't know how to word this..."discussion"..he says she's suppose to come here the 4th of July; we'll see what happens...he left everything he owns on the side of the highway..he grabbed a few clothes and a few personal items and put them in a back pack and walked/hitch hiked about 800 MILES!! OMG!! And I think, no I KNOW God was watching over my little "Boo" (his nickname) on his way to his grandma; he wants to stay with us and YES he is going to. FOREVER!!! So, off we'll go shopping tomorrow for some clothes for him; he doesn't have anything; so if anyone has any "extra" young man clothes they'd like to donate I'd sure appricate it; with Kenny not working, it's not a good time money wise; but we will make it work...(he wears a size 30/32 or 32/32 pant) :) KIDS!! Good thing I didn't colour my hair today; I was waiting to do it tomorrow I have more gray hairs now than I did earlier...LOL I can laugh now because I hear him sitting outside laughing with Kenny; here's a pic of the three of us..:)

Stitching wise; I finished my Patrotic Summer; and am on the end of my Mystery Sampler; I just want to hurry and get this picture done and framed and put into the State Fair...:)

Take care ladies..I need a VALIUM!!! Wish I had some...LOL