Thursday, January 12, 2012

Some ideas???

You've asked what our new kittys name is; well she doesn't have one; they just called her "kitty". Today when I came home she was curled up on my antique sewing machine and gave me all kinds of love...finally..:) then after about 15 mins of petting & loving on her she hissed and walked gotta love her.

So, maybe you all can help me figure out a cute name for her. I'm going to go stitch on my SAL.

SAL & a new fur baby...

We lost our cat Mickey last July; he was hit by a car :( I finally decided I was ready for another cat. There was an ad in our paper for a free female hymalian (sp?) already declawed & spayed, 3 years old. So when I was at work Sunday Kenny went and looked at her and knew I'd love her so he brought her home. Well, she's only been with this man & his son her whole life and just hisses at us all the time. She hid the first few days and then started coming out. Yesterday she finally let me pet her; she was rubbing on my leg so I could pet her; and she was hissing at me the whole time. LOL So hopefully she'll come around soon. She's just beautiful. This little nook is where she stays all the time in my hutch. (notice the ornament I just finished about 3 weeks ago) :) I still have to put it away.

On the stitching front I'm almost done with a gift for someone so I can't share those photos yet. Shirlee & I are doing a SAL on the January Word Play; I stitched on it a little bit last night; I just couldn't get into the stitching mood. I had ordered me some goodies from 123 and got them Saturday. I can't wait to start February Cottage; love the pinks. I have so many things to stitch and no time to do all of them.

I'm watching one of the last "One Life to Live" shows. I HATE that they are cancelling this show; I've watched it prob 40 years of my almost 51 years of life; I remember going to visit my Grandma when I was little and she watched it; so I did to. Then my mom got hooked on it and I watched it with her; I've been taping it for years and every evening I will sit and watch it & stitch; Kenny even started asking "whose that and wasn't he with that other woman or I thought she was dead"..LOL Times are changing I guess; people want shows to show them how to be "better". It makes me sad.. And of course here's a picture of Scarlett; she's so precious. Ash was getting her dinner to the table and she wanted her Mac & Cheese NOW..she didn't want to wait...I love the look on her face...LOL

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beautiful threads giveaway

Victoria Motto is having a wonder giveaway for some of her beautiful threads. Please go check it out :

Please mention you saw it on my blog...

Hugs, Shar

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I need your help...

My granddaughter Scarlett is in a cutest baby contest for a free photo shoot in Germany; can you please go and "Like" their page and vote for Scarlett. (If you have a facebook acct.) She's 10 votes from 3rd place. I told my DD that my "blogger ladies" will help..:)!/intimatephotography

Remember you have to "Like" the page first, then scroll down to Scarlett and like her...:)

Thanks ladies....