Thursday, March 10, 2011

What to stitch today?????

Ashley and Scarlett just left about an hour ago to Denver to pick Torry up from the airport; they invited me but I decided to let them have their "family time" and me my "alone time" LOL I'm watching Scarlett tonight while they go to a hotel. :) I was looking thru my stash last night; I have the 15 Crazy Challenge pieces staring at me to finish and I will; but then I came across my Stitchers Journal; I absolutly LOVE this book.

Anyone who is thinking of getting this book; but is scared because of the price; like I was until someone (sorry can't remember who) shared pictures in her blog, I had to order it and it's prob my favorite "stash" piece so far this year. It's I think I'm going to stitch something from it today and then go old downtown where all the antique shops are and look around for something to "finish" it with. :) I'll be sure and post a picture when I'm done; hopefully today. I do need to shower and do the dishes and I think I'm going to go and get that out of the way so I can really enjoy the rest of my day alone. The kids are going car shopping and then to the malls in Springs on their way home so I don't expect them til prob around 5 or 6. I've seen in a few ladies blogs the Amy Grant picture (hope I got it right) and have fallen in love with it and have to find it; but I don't know who the designer is? Does anyone know?? Hope you all have a great day and can squeeze in some alone time for yourself...