Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jolly Jack & a new start

I finished "Jolly Jack" today and started a "freebie".. I'm not quite sure how I'm gonna "finish" him yet maybe into a cube? Any ideas?? Love the "freebie" it's from With thy Needle & Thread; thank you Brenda for such a sweet design. :)

It was so nice here today; I think our high was about 80, I didn't turn on the air conditioner til about 4. I can't wait til we don't use that stupid thing and our electric bill can go back to $60 instead of $140.

Me & Kenny both have Monday & Tuesdays off; so he decided to give Rowdy a bath; it was funny as soon as Rowdy heard the bath water running he came and jumped in my lap and when Kenny came to get him; he started to growl at him. LOL He hates his inbetween trips to the groomers baths..

I have to go get blood work in the morning; I had it done last week and the nurse called and said I was very enemic and my cholesterol was high and the Dr. wanted me to go back and have a "hemiglobin" blood test done tomorrow and then I have to go see her on the 15th; I wasn't suppose to go back til October; so I don't think this is going to be a good visit. I knew I was enemic because my periods have been so very heavy for about 3 months now; I know I'm going thru "The Change" and I sure wish it'd hurry and be over with. I'm 50 now and don't need this..lol

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Colorado State Fair

Me & Kenny went to the fair last night with our friends Jack & Erin; we had a great time; Kenny loves to play the games at the fairs/carnivals and winning me stuffed animals; I now have 32 of them that he's won. LOL He won me a stuffed lady bug last night; I forgot to get a pic of her; but will take one tonight after I finsih Jolly Jack and post tomorrow. If you look close you can tell where I had to "frog" one of the black birds; I miscounted..:( I hate when I do that..LOL

I've really enjoyed stitching on him; he's so cute and I think I'm going to stitch one for my mom also; my step-dad's name is Jack and I think she'd love it. Both me and Kenny are off work tomorrow and Tuesday; I think were gonna have a "jamma day" tomorrow; I don't even think I'm gonna get dressed; just be lazy and stitch all day. :) That sounds like a great holiday to me..

I'm thinking of making a macaroni salad tonight then it'll be nice and cold tomorrow; I picked up 5 huge ears of corn for a dollar at the store on my way home from work today; so maybe we'll just have hamburgers, mac salad & sweet corn for supper tomorrow. Hope everyone has a safe and fun Labor Day..