Saturday, November 19, 2011


I switched shifts with my friend; her sisters family came in this weekend and their having their Thanksgiving meal tonight and she asked me if I would trade shifts; I always work the day shift and I told her sure; I'll make more money tonight so I don't mind; I have to get the kids Christmas package sent out next week for them to get it for Christmas..Ashley caught Scarlett playing on her daddys computer; isn't this a cute picture??

I started "Snow in Love" and I heard the mailman leaving something between the screen door & front door and KNEW what it was; so there went my stitching (for now) I LOVE getting new stash and sitting and looking at it; when I get threads I have to post them in my documents; I have spread sheets for each brand: WDW, GA, GA Shaker, CC..that way I don't get too many doubles. LOL Kenny laughs at me for having it but he has no idea howmany I have or he'd really think I have a problem. (which I do)...but, don't we all??

I ordered some of the camel felt to "finish" some of my ornaments with and come beautiful chenille from CC. I have about 4 colours now and hope to get more; I love them. Well, I am going to go back to stitching, I don't have to jump in the shower til 3 and I'm sitting here in my nightgown; Kennys at work and I'm watching all the Barefoot Contessa shows I taped all week. Have a great weekend...

Thursday, November 17, 2011


I finished my 2010 LK Snowman tonight while watching the Broncos; I was safe because I'm a Steeler's fan so I was able to focus on my I am not sure how I'm going to finish it yet? I'm going to think about it for a few days. Please excuse the wrinkles; I just finished it..

I made pasta salad w/baked pork for dinner; it was really good and Kenny has enough to take for his lunch tomorrow. Well it's almost midnight and I have to work tomorrow so I better take my behind to bed. Just had to share my finish...:)

Monday, November 14, 2011


I started stitching on Peppermint Twist Saturday night and finished it this morning; I should have ironed it before I attached the and learn I guess; I will diffidently stitch this one again; I think I'm going to make one for my mom. I really loved stitching this. I may stitch this "Frosty" ornament next or I found one from Homespun Elegance I may do. I'm really loving this Ornament Challenge Becky is doing; it's really getting me off my butt and stitching. :) Thanks Becky...

My Snowman from LK 2010 is coming along pretty good also. I'm off work today and tomorrow and hope to finish it and I'm going to "finish" it into a ornament. I will have 3 or 4 ornaments to "finish". I'm going to "finish" them at one time; I don't have a table in my craft room yet to be able to "finish" them when I get them stitched.

Now, I haven't quite finished decorating the bedroom so things are kind of everywhere; BUT I had to show you where Kenny is putting his dirty clothes; now do you notice what is sitting right NEXT to the table he's putting his clothes on??? Yes, that is a clothes basket; an EMPTY clothes basket...LOL How many of you go thru this?? LOL Gotta love them thou...Hope everyone is having a great day...and getting lots of stitching done.