Thursday, February 10, 2011

Look what I made last night!!

I am so tired of this cold weather; I decided to make a macaroni salad! :) Make it "feel" a little like summer. LOL Were gonna have hot dogs and this salad for supper tonight. I couldn't wait; so I had a little bowl this morning. I know not a breakfast of champions but it was gooooood. LOL

Scarlett is rolling from her back to her belly and looks at us like "hey, who did that" :) she's getting so big. I've just been up waiting for her to get up and she is up now. I stitched yesterday for about an hour before I went to work; on my challenge piece for my mom for mother's day. I almost messed up on the material; I did something dumb; and didn't count to start and almost ran out of material on the bottom. But I'll have about an inch left on the bottom and I'm going to sew it into a pillow; or I may make a flat fold; my last one turned out so good for my LK exchange. I'll have enough. I guess that teached me not to just "wing it" when starting a project. Have any of you ever done this??? Have a great day; I hear my little angel waking up. Nothing like baby kisses in the morning.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Baby it's cold outside"!!

Another night with the temp. below zero. I'm about over this cold weather. I do love the winter and snow; but these cold temps can go now. I like it about 30 and snowing; not -14 like now. It snowed earlier today; it's not snowing now; it's too cold! If you look close you'll see my little dog (Rowdy) under the tree. :) Even though my Steeler's didn't win; I still love them; here's Ashley and Scarlett on Super Bowl Sunday; aren't they beautiful? :)

I was off work today; I stitched on Torry and Ashley's pictures most of the day while watching One Life to Live and Ellen. I also washed 4 loads of clothes and folded the towels that were left in the dryer. Waiting on that darn "folding fairy" to come fold them; it must be related to that darn "dish fairy" who never shows up either. We ordered chinese for supper; it was pretty good and no dishes to do. Miss Scarlett was a bit grouchy tonight. She's teething and I know it hurts her. She sat on my lap and helped grandma look on the computer for a new bathroom set. :) She loves looking on the computer with grandma. I'm going to redo the bathroom, dining room and maybe our bedroom this year (hopefully). For sure the bathroom and dining room. We'll see how the money holds out. LOL

Back to work tomorrow. All the bills are paid (til the 22), me and Ashley are planning a shopping trip to Colorado Springs on Monday; so I'm going to save all my tips towards shopping; of course I'm going to my LNS and getting the material for some of my new stash; and some threads I missed. I saw BBD has a new book out that I really love and think I have to have. It's $27; but looks like it'll be worth it. Hope everyone is staying warm and safe... Thank you for your sweet comments on the post before this one; it made my day...

Monday, February 7, 2011

A finish and some new stash!!

Not much happening today, I washed 2 loads of towels, then went and picked up my paycheck. I haven't stitched at all today; I only have about 3 rows to finish my Homespun Elegance picture; I think I'll finish it before I go to bed, so I can start one of my new stash pictures. I think I'm going to stitch the "Forgive Quickly" Lizzie Kate picture.

Speaking of LK, here is a photo of what I stitched Brenda for my LK exchange. She loves it. It was difficult to part with. I think I have to make this for myself. LOL We are expecting more snow tomorrow; I want to go down to a new Antique store downtown tomorrow; maybe I'll go in the morning. I'm off work tomorrow. I recieved my stash from 123 Stitch today; I just ordered it on Friday. I love how fast they are at sending their orders out. :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Good Morning everyone!! I have to work til about 4 and then home to stitch on my WIP for Ashley and Torry; I'm stitching "And two shall be as one" as one of my 2011 Crazy Challenge. I went and got a different material; I started it and don't like the material, it's bugging me; so I"m going to start it over. I plan on working on it during the Super Bowl.

I ordered some new stash from 123 stitch and it was mailed out on Friday; it should be here tomorrow and I can't wait!! Hope everyone has a great superbowl and Steeler's win!!!