Saturday, August 20, 2011

No stitching here...:(

Well, since the girls have been here I haven't stitched at all; but I think I may tonight; Kenny went to Montrose (5 hour drive one way) to pick up my oldest daughter; she was there visiting friends and needed a way home (Colorado Springs, about 1 hour drive) we got a new pick up the other day and he was more than happy to break it in. LOL I had to work and didn't go; I came home and spent the afternoon with Scarlett & Ash.

I have a tooth ache :( I'm trying to ignore it and hopefully it'll either go away or ease up til Monday when I can hopefully get into my dentist. I lost my filling and bit down on something and the tooth broke; it's a back molar and I don't know if she (dentist) can save it? I just want it to stop hurting. Here are some pictures of me and the truck and of Kenny & Scarlett & of just her.

I love the new BBD's Halloween books; I can't wait to get them; I'm going to my LNS on Monday to get some threads I forgot the other day and hopefully they'll have the new books; otherwise I'll order them from 123 Stitch and get the threads & material from my LNS. I try to get as much as I can from them; I'd die if they closed. Hope everyone is doing well; I'm sure many of you are busy getting little ones ready for school; how I miss those days. Enjoy them now because they'll be gone before you know it...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Finally some STASH!!!

I finally was able to get to my LNS today; I couldn't really take my time and look around, cuz Ashley & Scarlett were waiting in the car but it's prob a good thing; I spent $55 in about 15 minutes; LOL Sorry the pics are so blurry I don't know why; maybe the camera needs charged?

I found this beautiful material; one is a pretty green which I plan on stitching some pumpkins on and the other is a deep grey that I just fell in love with; I don't know what I'm stitching on that yet and then I got the material for the Autumn Alphabet from LK; I've been wanting to order this for sometime now; and I love the little "farm" pattern; my mom was raised on a dairy farm so I think I'm going to stitch it for her and make into a cube. All the material is 32 ct.

Today was Scarletts 1st Birthday :) I can't believe she's gotten so big. Her and Ashley got her this morning about 9 and their here til they leave for Germany; It's going to be a little tight in the house since I moved into a 1 bedroom; but we'll manage. Kenny will have to adjust to living w/2 women and a baby. LOL I'm going to go and see what threads I need to order. I'll be posting a lot of new pictures of Scarlett; probabley won't get much stitching done while there here; but I'll sure try..

Hope everyone is keeping cool..Fall is right around the corner....:)