Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ta...Daaaaaaa... :)

I finally finished my Mystery Sampler today...YEA!! I had to do the "Finished Happy Dance"....LOL I'm taking it to Hobby Lobby tomorrow to be framed then off to the Colorado State Fair..I knew what my next project was going to be; so after I put the part 3 chart & the threads away from my Mystery Sampler I pulled the threads for my "Summer" project. I'd ordered this from 123 Stitch a little while ago and couldn't wait to get it started. I forced myself not to start it before I finished the Sampler. I stitched all evening while we watched 21 Jump Street; it was really good & funny. Me and some girls from work are going to see Magic Mike on Tuesday night..can't wait!!

Kenny got home; it's back to the job hunting for him tomorrow; I think I'm going to go to Hobby Lobby and Goodwill; I need some new work jeans; our "uniforms" are jeans and black polo shirts. Lucky me getting to wear jeans everyday. I've started looking around for a new job; I want an office job. Waitressing is getting too hard on my body. Hayden went camping with his stepdad; my daughter Heathers ex hubby; he's still in contact with Hayden and invited him to go camping this week and I think he'll have a great time; Ryan is a nice guy; he's a Colorado State Patrol Officer. I wish him and Heathers marriage would have made it. Oh well, I guess I better get to bed; kind of tired tonight; I'm thinking of having this "Summer" pattern being a "Traveling Pattern" when I'm done; anyone interested??