Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A little "Berry"...:)

Hope everyone is staying cool in this awlful weather; I'm diffidently hating life in this heat it's been over 100 almost a month straight now here in Pueblo..YUCK!! Yesterday Kenny took Hayden to the river to swim and they were gone over 6 hours so I had some much needed "alone time" I love my guys but I needed a's different having a 16 year old around all the time when your use to it being just the 2 of us. It'll just take a little while to adjust and he'll be in school soon.

So, I cleaned and did 3 loads of clothes and decided to stitch this little strawberry and put on the jar I had found the day before; I'm embarassed to say this ladies, but me and Hayden were walking around downtown and this adorable jar was lying on the top of a garbage can and I had to have it; so I got a kleenex out of my purse and put it in his backpack and brought it home and soaked it in bleach water over night and it's beautiful...I never go "dumpster diving" but just couldn't leave this jar..:) I'd won these beautiful strawberries from Traci and bought these sunflower fillers from Denise last year and they are perfect together in my little jar...:)

I stitched the berry up pretty quickly; and did something I haven't done in a long time...BACKSTITCHING!! Man, I diffidently don't miss that...the patterns I stitched when I first started stitching (in 1984) all had backstitching in them and the ones now barely (if any) backstitching...thank you designers for that Hope everyone has a wonderful day; and of course here's my angel Scarlett playing in her pool...she's gonna be 2 next month; I can't believe shes getting so big.. I found my cat (Baby) sleeping on my dining room chair...she looks comfy huh??? LOL