Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stash and of course Miss. Scarlett....

Today was another slow day at work. I hate this time of year. Next month it'll pick up because of people getting their taxes back. One girl at work is getting close to $9,000 back!! She has 2 kids; I get about $300 back, I don't have anything to write off. Well, some non stitching news; me and my husband (Ricky) are going to work on our marriage. We've been separated for about 4 years; he's my first love; we met when I was 19 years old; I remember calling my mom the day we met and telling her "mom, I met a god today" LOL Ricky was and still is a very handsome man. I love him dearly and if any two people can make it; we can. :) I'm very happy.

Here is some stash I'd ordered from 123 Stitch; 2 patterns and WDW's "love" thread is on backorder and suppose to be mailed Feb 2. I've been stitching on a LK exchange; so I can't show you the photo yet; but it's going to be beautiful.

And of course; here is Miss. Scarlett eatting carrots and standing (with a little help from her mommy) she's getting so big. Her eyes just make grandma melt. :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Relaxing Sunday

I had to work today; but only worked a few hours because we were dead. I guess everyone is home watching the games. My Steeler's won!!! I've been a Steeler's fan since the 70's and LOVE THEM!! My friend loves Green Bay, some friends of ours are having a super bowl party; I can't wait; it should be lots of fun. I'll work during the day so I'll have time to come home and shower and get my Jersey on. :)

I stitched a little on Rose Garden by BBD. I started as one of my Crazy Challenge pieces; I"m stitching it for my mom for Mother's Day. I'm stitchng my grandma's (moms mom) initials and the year she was born (1909). It's going to be beautiful. I almost miss counted it; I'm not going to frame it; I haven't decided yet how I'm going to finish it; I think I'll either make a pincushion or a flat fold? I'm only gonna have about an inch left on the bottom. I almost (and I mean that lightly) want to frog it and start over; but I don't think I will. LOL

I ordered some stash from 123 Stitch on Friday night and recieved an email that most of the items were sent yesterday; I ordered Cardinal Winter by LHN, and Rosey also by LHN and they were on backorder as well as WDW's "LOVE" thread, they will ship Feb 2. But the rest of my order shipped; I hope it gets here soon :) I love ordering from them; they are always so fast to ship your order out. This is the first time I've ever had something on backorder from them. I stopped at KFC and got a bucket of ckn for supper; because of my game I wasn't going to cook. :) I'm off tomorrow and Tuesday; I don't really have any plans; I think I'll do laundry and stitch tomorrow.

I am posting a picture of my mom's gift; and of course my darling granddaughter; Scarlett. She's getting so big and has quite the personality! I love her dearly..