Thursday, August 4, 2011

A new start...:)

Well, I couldn't help it; I had to start something new..LOL I decided on LK's Halloween Rules. I LOVE this picture and may stitch it a little different; I'll have to wait and see; I have an "idea" thou..LOL I stitched on it for a few hours last night; I really love this material; I can't remember where I got it from; I believe it was from a giveaway I'd won a while ago; it's 28 count and after I started stitching the stitches are a little bigger than I thought; but I'm gonna keep on going; I love the colour w/the threads.

Here's a few new pictures of Scarlett; her and Ashley are at my moms house in Ohio for a few weeks for vacation. She's getting so big; she'll be 1 the 17th of this month.

Hope everyone is getting some R&R and lots of stitching done. Is anyone planning on going to the Celebration of Needlework in St. Louis this Sept 15-19th? I'm going to really try to make it; we'll see how the money situation goes.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

B O L O G N A.....

This is why you never take a man grocery shopping with you; yesterday I said I was going to the grocery store and Kenny said he wanted to go with me; he had hernia surgery on Friday and was getting "cabin fever", our local store (King Soopers) had Oscar Mayer Bologna on sale 10 for $10; so he decided we needed 10 packs of bologna because it was a great buy and we could freeze it. LOL So, we will be eatting bologna & cheese sandwiches for the next 6 months...LOL.

I am sad I won't make the cut off date to enter my BOF Mystery Stitch; I thought the deadline to enter in the Colorado State Fair is Aug 15, but it's Aug 5, this Friday and theres NO WAY I could have it done by then; maybe next year. I hope you don't mind but I copied Edgars idea and made my S red. :) Well I gotta run off to work. Today is my Monday. :(

I always feel like I need a few more days off. Hopefully I'm going to Celebration of Needlework in St.Louis the 15th of Sept. I'm keeping my fingers crossed me and my mom can meet there. I sure am fighting the urge to buy some stash; it's killing me; I haven't had anything new since April!!! I can feel a "splurge" coming on...LOL

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A great giveaway...

"Sweet Pea Cottage" is having a wonderful giveaway; she has a very cute blog...

Monday, August 1, 2011

I won..& TUSLA

Hi all, I decided to go ahead and use the different colour on my alphabet; I finished the alphabet last night and started on a blue bird. I love this sampler and sure hope I get it finished in time to enter in the State Fair the end of the month.

Kenny had hernia surgery on Friday and is doing well. He already says he can't believe howmuch better he feels. He had surgery and he got me flowers...LOL

I won the giveaway at Screaming Sardines blog last week and recieved this beautiful package of ribbon from The Ribbon Jar; If you haven't been to her site please go visit it; she has the most amazing choice of ribbon. Thank you so very much; I can't wait to use it..:)

And finally here's my TUSLA for this month; I can't believe today is Aug 1st already; it will be getting cooler soon and the leaves will be changing; I can't wait; I love fall time; it's my favorite time of the year. I'm off work today and I'm just going to stitch and relax today. Hope everyone keeps cool..