Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gonna be gone...

Me, Ashley and little Scarlett are driving to my mom's tomorrow. Were driving from Colorado to Ohio. :) We have done it twice before so it shouldn't be bad. I don't mind driving; traveling with a baby and all the "crap" you have to take it's just cheaper to drive. I can't imange hauling everything in the airport and beside I'm terrified of flying. Haven't flown since 1996 and don't care if I ever do again. LOL I will miss reading all your blogs;; my mom doesn't have a internet. We'll be back between the 12 and 15th.

Hugs, Sharlene

Monday, November 1, 2010

New Stash...

Hi, getting ready to leave for my mom's on Wednesday morning. Wish us luck; traveling that far with a 2 month old baby. LOL I think we'll be fine; she's a real good baby. I love ordering from 123 stitch; they always send out things so fast and it's always packaged so nicely. I have another order ready to send them; but since I'm going to be gone I think I'll wait till I get home.

When I'm able to I'll post my LK exchange piece. It turned out real cute.

Hugs, Shar

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Hi, Happy Halloween everyone. Hope everyone's having a fun and save day/night. We haven't had any trick or treaters. So I guess I'm stuck eatting the Milky Ways. LOL
Me, Ash and Scarlett leave for my mom's on Wednesday morning. Were driving from Colorado to Ohio. I don't mind the drive; we have a nice car. I haven't been home since I lost my dad 5 years ago.

I finished my LK exchange today and it turned out so cute; I have to make myself one now. :) I'll post a picture when she recieves it. I hope she likes it. Here's a picture of Scarlett in her "costume". She's so precious. I love being a grandma. I probabley won't be posting much for the next few weeks; my mom doesn't have internet but my brother does.

Hugs, Shar