Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's snowing..yea!!

It's been snowing all day; it made work very slow and boring. But I sure do love when I am able to stay home and opening all the blinds and just watching it snow. Me & my friend Shaylin went to Walmart after work, I saw a commercial for hot dogs rolled in crescent rolls and thought those would be good for dinner; we usually go out on Saturday nights; it's our "date night" but with me missing 2 days of work this week due to that stupid absessed tooth we can't afford it this week. Besides its cold and when I got home I just wanted to put on my pj's and relax. I've been surfing the internet for a few hours. I should have been stitching.

I stitched on my February Word Play for a few hours last night; I should be able to finish it tomorrow when I get home from work or Monday. I do have to go for my yearly mammogram at 9:45 Monday. I recieved a few charts I'd ordered a few weeks ago and they were on backorder and 5 other threads I needed for those charts. I'm starting to get quite a lot of WDW, CC & GAST threads. I hope to someday maybe having all of them..LOL I know, but I can dream can't I? I skyped with the girls this morning for 20 mins before I had to go to work. I sure do miss them. Ashley will be 24 on Monday. My baby is growing up. I wish we could be together and I could cook her my Grandma's mac & cheese; it's her favorite and she always had me bake it for her. Hope everyone is doing well and able to stitch & relax & enjoy the snow if your lucky enough to have some....

Monday, February 6, 2012

A little stash & progress...

I swear if it isn't one thing it's another; on Friday I started feeling like I was getting a toothache in a tooth that was just worked on 2 months ago. I called & they said my new dentist wouldn't call me in any antibotics til he see's me I just thought it'd "go away", by Sunday morning my upper lip, nose and part of my cheek are swollen and hurts so bad I can't even barely put make up on and I wear Bare Escentuals; it's just powder and hurt. I look like one of the "Who" people from Dr. Seusse...LOL Well this morning it's just as bad; so I went to my dentist office and the lady in the office almost got she said my dentist was off today and I just had to wait; there I stood all swollen and looking like a monster and she couldn't have another one of the dentist in the office prescribe me something. She told me to go to the emergency room; I can't afford to do that; so I'm just waiting til tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.

Kenny had a Dr.appt for his diabetes; then we went to Walmart & ate at IHOP; I ate some scrambled eggs and some hash browns. I've just ate soft stuff and I'm getting tired of it. Then we came home and I laid down from 4:30 to 7 and slept; I haven't been sleeping well. There's nothing worse than a tooth ache. The only good thing was coming home to find a package from 123; a few things that were on backorder last week. Now, maybe I'm just complaining because I don't feel well; but I'm sure most of you will agree. When I started stitching in 1984 charts were $2.50-$5.00, now were paying double (& more) and the charts I got today I love, but was disappointed in the way they are made; it's just a piece of paper; not even packaged in plastic like most are. When I got my Sergei pattern last week it was packaged so nicely; so I don't mind paying the extra money; it had a piece of cardboard and packed in nice plastic to protect the pattern. My Homespun Elegance wasn't packaged at all and both charts are bent some and those of you who order from 123 know they package their products well; it's not them. Ok I guess I've "bitched" enough for the day...LOL Thanks for listening ladies...:)

I stitched on my Feb word play for a few hours last night; I changed the color of the hearts from Roasted Marshmellow to Lambswool. The RM just wasn't showing up. So, I was planning on stitching all day; but I'm going to the dentist and then if I'm feeling better I may go to Joanns, I need some Valentine material.