Saturday, January 28, 2012

My special package...

I came home from a awlful day at work only to find a package from my friend Shirlee & my order from Anita's..just what I needed...

Shirlee and I are having a friendship exchange all year; she spoiled me..:) and I feel so very blessed that she knows I love snowpeople and she stitched me this beautiful pillow. Those of you who knows Shirlee you know she hates to stitch with white threads..LOL you did a wonderful job hun; and I appricate and will cherish this forever; I put it right up on my cabinet along with the other snowman you painted for me. I met Shirlee when I won her giveaway on her blog last year. :) she also sent me some beautiful material, a wonderful towel w/pineapple & 2 cute charts. I love everything; thank you hun...can't wait til you get your package...:) I was a few days late sending it...

I was very happy with my order from Anita. She mailed it out fast and it was packaged very nice. Check out 123 Stitch; they just posted some new Homespun Elegance charts that I have to have...I ordered a few skeins of GAST & CC and the "Sergie" chart yesterday and ended up added 2 of the new Homespun Elegance charts;but there are 2 more I want and a few others. When does this maddness end with ordering stash?? It seems the more I get the more I want..I just tell Kenny that I'm saving for when I'm retired; I won't be able to order much then so the more I have now the less I'll have to order then right???? LOL Here is my progress on my February Cottage; I just love the colours..

And of course what would a posting be without a picture of my adorable granddaugther & my new kitty; she's my lap buddy now. Funny when we first got her she hissed and tried to bite us for about 2 weeks; she hid and wouldn't come out then all of a sudden she's acting like she's been here forever; she greets me at the front door purring when I get home from work and lays with me always...I'm falling in love with her...:)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Anyone up for a SAL???

When I posted this new Trilogy pattern I'd recently bought I noticed a few of you have it in your stash "waiting to do" pile and was wondering if anyone would like to stitch it along with me?? :) Lets say we'll start on Feb 15. That'll give those of you who don't have all your supplies together. I LOVE this design and can't wait to stitch it for my Spring decorating. Which I will start doing in late March. I'd love to see how everyone finishes it; I'm not sure how I'll do mine; I'm thinking a pin keep?

Here's my Feb Cottage from LHN; I love, love this design and the colours are so bright and a joy to stitch with; I can't wait to get to the pinks..I may have to stitch this one for Ashley; her birthday is Feb 13. And her favorite color is pink. Well, off to stitch til Kenny gets home...Thank you for the sweet comments on Scarlett; she is diffidently the love of my life..being a Grandma is the best love in the whole world; I have a 16 year old grandson (Hayden) whom I love just as much, he's my "boo bear"..

Hugs, Shar

TULSA, Finish, & goodie mail..

First, here is picture of my 1st TULSA for the year; my it's almost Feb already!! This year is going to fly's so true the older we get the faster the time goes by; I can't believe I will be 51 in a few weeks...ugh..on the happy front I'd won some of Nancys new Cluny Lace Ric Rac in a giveaway and recieved it yesterday and I know this picture doesn't do it 1/2 the justice; it's absolutly beautiful.. I got up early Saturday and snapped this picture of the sunrise; I thought the sky was such a pretty color and yes those are still Christmas lights; I keep telling Kenny to take them down....

I finished my SAL w/Shirlee last night; almost burnt supper finishing it..LOL I absolutly love this series and can't wait to get Febs, it was shipped yesterday so hopefully I'll have it by the weekend. I did my first order from Anita's, I've read so many wonderful things about her and she's having a sale til the end of the month; so if I like her service I'm going to try and squeeze in another order by I really want the BBD's Loose Feathers "Summer, Winter & Fall" designs, the material is kind of expensive so I'll order the Summer pattern and material and I think I'm missed 1 or 2 of the threads I'll order them also. I started my Feburary Cottage and I LOVE the colours so much I stayed up til midnight stitching..:) I'll post a picture tonight when I get home.

Someone asked how "Baby" was doing (our new cat). She's not the same cat she was 2 weeks ago when Kenny got her for me; she's loving us and her new home finally; in this picture I was stitching; trying to finish my SAL and she just jumped in my lap and took a nap for about 45 mins..:) Hope you all like my new "Valentines" decorations and of course my Scarlett; I tell you that child gets prettier everyday; she diffidently holds this grandmas key to my heart..I don't know what it'd do without Skype; we Skype every morning; she's in Germany for those who are new with her Mommy & Daddy, my SIL is stationed in the Army over there til March 2014..I hope to go visit maybe this Christmas..