Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Threads & TULSA

I recieved my threads and 4 tulip buttons from Stitching Bits & Bobs today. It was nice to come home from work and have "goodies" waiting for me. I went to work and then on the way home I went by the post office and mailed off moms gifts. They'll get there Saturday.

She's gonna love them. :) It's so quiet with the girls gone; I was hungry and didn't know what to make; so I made some thin spaghetti noodles, cooled them off by running them under cold water, added black olives, cucumber, tomato and a little red onion and tossed with italian dressing with a dash of garlic salt and it was delicious. I have enough for tomorrow; I may stop and get some pepperoni and add to it along w/small chunks of chedddar cheese.

Also, here is my TULSA for May; can you believe how fast this year is going? It's already May!! I'm going to stitch on my Tulip House Stitching Companion from Stitchers Journal; I started it the other day; it's a quick stitch and is gonna be so cute.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New pics of Scarlett in Texas.

Ashley just sent me these and I had to share with you all. :) They went horseback riding today and Ashley said Scarlett loved it. Ash was raised on a horse, she is a very good rider, she use to do Barrel Racing and still would love to. Love Scarletts hat. LOL

Some finishes. :)

Well, I stitched all day yesterday and finished things today; the little tuplip candle holders I bought at King Soopers (grocery store) after Easter; they were marked down to $1.00 so I bought up on them and will do one for the winner of my giveaway (along w/other goodies). I made one for my mom and the other for myself. I'm sure my finishing will get better; I'm pretty new at some of it.

This is my moms Mother's Day gift; I stitched my Grandmas initials and the year she was born on it; I switched it up a little I added a few of my Grandmas buttons; I collect buttons and mom sent me some of my Grandma's and some off some of my Dads old shirts. I know she'll cry. LOL Then I had stitched up this little "Love" design a while ago and I have about 10 Altoid tins and decided to finish it; it's my first one. :) Hope everyone has a great day....

Monday, May 2, 2011

Stitched all day!!

Today I was off work and I washed a load of towels & my robe, made my bed and that's all the housework I did. LOL I did my sheets and work clothes yesterday so I could stitch all day and that's exactly what I did. :) I finished stitching my mom's Mother's Day gift; I looked thru my Stitcher's Journal and stitched her up a little something extra; I also stitched one up for the winner of my giveaway. :) It's nothing big; just something really cute. Once I "finish" them I will post a picture, give you a little peak; (I also stithced myself up one) LOL

I love this book and found a few other things I may start one of them tonight while watching DWTS. I was suppose to go to the movies w/some girls from work; but changed my mind. It's suppose to rain and it's kind of cold out; I am just enjoying my alone time so much. The girls got to Texas safe; Ashley drove straight thru; 17 hours w/Scarlett! Scarlett travels well. We drove to my moms in October when she was just a little baby and she did great then also. I do miss her so much. I don't know what I'll fix myself for supper? I'm making Tuna Casserole tomorrow; I don't feel like cooking anything really; maybe I'll just make a sandwich. Hope everyone has a great Monday night. :) I'm gonna go look for something else to stitch.. LOL

I've had a great response to my giveaway. Thank you to all whose entered; I love giveaways, I'll pick a winner on the 10th...Good luck..