Thursday, July 21, 2011

Who sent the "frog" to my house!!!

I finally sat down to stitch on my Birds of a Feather and found out I'd missed a stitch; just 1 and had to tear out about 40 stitches...:( I'll try to explain, in the pictures below you can see the one with the red flower is the correct one; you stitch 3 rows of 3 then a row of 1 and then a row of 5; well I stitched 3 rows of 3 and then the row of 5 and skipped the 1..:( it wasn't too bad so I "frogged" my little heart out and then re stitched it. I only have the bottom row of flowers and I'll be done with the 1st part and can start part 2. I'm not going to order part 3 until I get 2 at least 1/2 done. I was to get this framed and entered in the Colorado State Fair..:)

Me and Kenny went downtown and looked around some Antique shops; I just got this jar of buttons for $5. I couldn't pass them up; I'm in love with little buttons. :) Today he came to pick me up at work and went to Golden Corral; it's a buffet style restaurant; I love that place and as always we ate too much. I think I'm gonna go and stitch. Hope everyone is staying cool; it's been such a hot miserable summer..

Monday, July 18, 2011

New pics of Scarlett

No real stitchy news; I haven't stitched for days, it's just been too hot in here; we have 2 air conditioners but it's so hot; we don't have any trees to shade our house so the sun beats on it all day. And it's been over 100 the past few days and no sign of a cooling trend. :( I absolutly HATE the hot weather; I could live in Alaska and be a happy woman.

Actually I would love to live in a cabin in the woods in Alaska where you get snowed in for months; of course I need electric & running water. LOL I'm NOT a "roughin" it type of woman!! LOL I'd just love to sit and watch it snow and stitch all day..:)

Here are some new pictures Ashley sent me of Scarlett. She'll be 1 Aug 17, I can't believe she's getting so big. We "skype" almost every day and she is so funny; I miss her and her mommy so very much. I'm going to stitch today and tomorrow; I have to go to the dentist in the am at 11:00; I'm already thinking of excuses to cancel. LOL..