Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Home w/the flu....:(

Ashley had what we thought was food posioning earlier in the week; well then yesterday her Hubby started throwing up etc. and before I went to bed I felt a little quizzy, and was up til about 5 running to the bathroom (I'll leave out the details but those of you who have had this bug know what I mean) YUCK.. and then around 4 I finally gave in and threw up. I tried so hard to talk myself out of it; but it didn't work.

I even called off work today and that's about the 3rd time I've done that in 4 years. Torry felt better this morning; they had to take their car to get an alignment and then he's getting Scarlett's footprint tattooed on his shoulder and Ash is getting her hand prints tattooed on her shoulder. So they won't be home til around 7 tonight; they had to take Scarlett with them. I don't want to be around her at all today. I got "Remember Me" from BBD that was on back order in the mail; I may have to start this one today. It's nice and quiet around here and I"m sipping on some Sierra Mist and water. I just need to rest and drink lots of clear liquid and of course stitch. I think I'm going to go and take a shower and put on my lounging jammies and hopefully I will feel a little better.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Babysitting & a little stash from last week.

Ash & Torry went to Springs to take care of some stuff; so I"m babysitting Miss. Scarlett. I bought these cute headbands and LOVE them on her. I haven't been stitching for about 3 days now; just haven't "felt" it. I was off work yesterday and just went to the local grocery store (King Soopers) and spend $45 on shampoo, conditioner, hair colour, some pens, an anniversary card for Ricky, some nausea med for Ash; she had food poisioning yesterday, they went out to dinner w/Torrys family at a Mexican restaurant and her bean burritos were bad; she'd given Scarlett a few bites also so she was throwing up yesterday and I won't get into details on the diapers :(, it took me and Torry to change them. LOL and some pedialite and laundry detergent. Crazy it came to $45!! Think of the stash we could buy...Oh, believe me I've done my share of "stash buying" the past 2 days!!!

Stitching Bits and Bobs is having a huge sale 20-25% off almost everything!!! Their CC & GA are $1.60 & $1.68 each!!! So I ordered about 30 of them; I ordered all the colours I need for all the designs in the Stitchers Journal, the sale is thru the 21st so hurry on over. I also ordered a few things from 123 Stitch and Down Sunshine Lane. I have put my credit card away....LOL Here's a picture of some stash I bought last week; but haven't downloaded the picture on my computer til just now. Well Miss. Scarlett is making her "warning call" LOL So, grandmas gotta go make her lunch.