Monday, September 12, 2011

Little Stitchin..

I haven't posted to my blog in days; life has thrown a couple things at me; you know how it goes; and it never happens one thing at a time; it's always 3 or 4. First when I paid rent on the 7th (thats the due date), my landlord tells me I have 30 days to be out because he sold the house; now I have a lease and it expires the 7th of October and I don't think it's legal for him to give me a notice to vacate until after my lease is up. I'm checking on it. My friend Erin told me about a cute little house next door to her that is available so we went today and looked at it and it is cute; but also little.

There's no dining room; and a small kitchen with no room for my hutch :( which makes me sad; I could (and will) put it in the spare bedroom; along with my antique sewing maching and makeup table; which are the things there are no room for in the rest of the house. And it's on the corner of a busy street. But Kenny loves it; and I think it's alright; I don't want to buy a home now because I think in the near future were going back to Ohio. Then I lost a filling in a tooth a while ago and because of my fear of the dentist I didn't go back; well my tooth was KILLING me; so I went to the dentist and now I either pull it $125 or get a root canal $978; it's a very back molar so I'm prob gonna get it pulled; I just can't afford a root canal; with no dental insurance. But I have to wait because it's infected; so I'm on antibotics.

Life has been fun. NOT!! LOL. But I have been looking and reading everyones blogs daily and they sure make me smile and keep my spirits up. Kenny went to bed about an hour ago to "relax"; and I just went to see what he was doing and him and Rowdy are all spread out on the bed asleep. So, I thought I'd come out and write on my blog and stitch. I love this "freebie". It's gonna be too too cute when I'm done and I just may stay up and finish it while he's in bed. I am enjoying the peace and quiet. I have the football game on; muted and the radio playing.:) And another thing; what the hell happened to my Steeler's??? I think they didn't know that game COUNTED!!! LOL Hope everyone is having a better week than me. LOL