Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Movie night

I went to see "Sex in the City 2" with Ashley, it was a good movie; and made me wonder why I wasn't born rich or married to a rich man?? Who decides these things? LOL oh well, I have two beautiful healthy daughters, a grandson I love dearly and my little pumpkin granddaughter Scarlett; who will be here in 59 days to see her grandma. :) I have a cute little duplex; and a "ok" job; will be starting a new one on Thursday at a new Joann's Fabric; which may turn out to be a huge mistake. LOL but I need a new sewing machine and I heard I'll get a good discount. I can't wait. I started stitching on a RR; it's a santa that is a little more detailed and difficult than I'd like to do now; but it's going to be pretty when I get it done.

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Jane said...

WOW! The clock seems to be ticking down so quickly - only 59 days to go, bet you're so excited! Good luck for Thursday xxx