Monday, July 19, 2010

Last bit of Stash!!

I ordered this about 2 weeks ago and just go it today. I love the threads and can't wait to use them. Not much else going on. Ash is hating the heat and being 8 months preg. It's been so hot here in Colorado. I've decided that me and Kenny need to go our separate ways; I told him last night; and I don't know what it is about men; but a few hours later he's acting like nothing happened. LOL Were just two different people and I want to be alone; I'm happier that way; and in Sept. when my son in law leaves for boot camp; Ashley and Scarlett are moving in with me; and will be with me until he gets backs in November then he leaves again for schooling and won't be back til March and then I believe I"m going to move to Ohio and live w/my mom; I miss her and want to spend the time she has left on this earth with her; which I hope is a very long time. I'm okay w/me and Kenny breaking up; it's my choice and I"m sure it's what's best for both of us.

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Meari said...

Nice stashing! Hopefully, he's comes to terms with it now?