Sunday, August 8, 2010

Have you ever had problems stitching a certain design????

Because I have NEVER in my 25+ years of stitching had the problems w/a picture like I"m having with this model I"m stitching. It's a Fluer Cross and just done w/white DMC floss and I've had to frog twice; and noticed I have to take out another 3 rows this morning. If it was for me I'd just say (you know what) LOL and go around my mistake; but it's for a designer and going to be the cover of the book. I'd put a picture of it on here; but don't know if I"m "allowed" to??? This is the first time I've stitched for them.

Kenny went to the junk yard and got a new passenger window for my car and he replaced it; saved me about $90; but I still need to replace the windshield; that's $150. I'll do that on the 22 when I get paid. Work was awlful; I waited (I'm a waitress) on the rudest group of 13 people I've EVER waited on in my 20 years of waitressing. Ruined my whole day; I actually went in the bathroom and cried. and I don't cry easy. Well I think I'll go work on that picture; and pray I don't find anymore mistakes.

Thank you for your kind comments; I look forward to reading what you have to say.

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