Friday, September 10, 2010

Check out my little angel!!

Isn't this the most adorable little angel you've ever seen?? (other than your own of course. LOL) I've been sick the past few days and haven't been able to love on her :( I told Ashley not even to bring her over to our house because I can't love on her. I've been working on my stacking pumpkins; I should be able to finish it tonight; then I'm going to stitch on some Halloween Ornaments for my "halloween tree" we went to a yard sale and found a cute 3 ft. fake xmas tree for $5 and some baskets for .25 each; I'll post a picture tomorrow. Gonna go stitch..


natalyK said...

Cant wait to see your finish. The baby is beautiful. Those eyes are full of curiosity.

Milly~ said...

She is beautiful

Janaina said...

Aaaawww... what a cutie! *Ü*
A precious little angel, indeed!
Greetings from south Brazil.

KKL Primitives said...

She is beautiful!!!
Hope you are feeling better very soon so you can cuddle and shower kisses on her again.

Rita said...

Gorgeous baby!!

I hope you feel better soon.

Meadows08 said...

What a sweet baby and tons of hair too!