Monday, November 22, 2010

Looking for a chart...

Hi, does anyone have a copy of Leisure Arts #2130; Quick Kitchen Stitchin they'd love to sell/trade? I stitched some stuff for my mom from the book prob about 10 years ago; well, when we moved a few years ago; the ONLY box to be lost was one w/some (about 75%) of my stash. When we went to my mom's last week I saw them and now I want to stitch them for myself. :

I went to my LNS and was very disappointed; they hardly had anything new; I got 3 pieces of material and 2 little red bird buttons and a few things of WDW and CC and that's it; oh, and a new pair of scissors; blue stork type w/snowflakes; they were too cute to leave.

We don't have plans for Thanksgiving; I have to work til 3 and it's just me and Ashley and she doesn't like turkey; we don't really get into Thanksgiving; if we lived back home with all our family I know we'd enjoy it more; I probabley will be honme for Thanksgiving next year; we are probabley going to be moving back home this spring; Ashley will be moving where ever her DH gets stationed; and taking my beautiful Scarlett away from her grandma; and I won't get into that conversation or I'll cry. I've become very attached to this little angel. Now I have myself sad; I'm gonna go. LOL I did change my blog today to a Christmas theme; I hope you enjoy it.
Hugs, Shar


Meari said...

Cute pic of your daughter :)

Sorry, can't help you with the chart. Good luck, though.

Lesleyanne said...

Sorry can't help with the chart. Lovey picture of Miss Scarlett.

Joy said...

Scarlett is soo sweet!! I cannot help you with the chart. I can only suggest checking eBay.

requilt said...

I saw this leaflet on this site

I am not familiar with this site but I think this is what you may be looking for