Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas to ME!!! :)

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. I have been putting a little money away to buy myself a Chrismas gift. I have $100 to purchase myself some new "stash" :) I've made my "order" about 25 times now. LOL I keep changing it. I'm ordering most of it from 123 Stitch; because they always send my order out so fast; and then Stitchers Closet sent me a 25% off coupon;; but they are closed til Jan 4, so they say to expect a 2-3 week delivery; so I"m ordering a few things from them that I don't have to have right now. LOL

Ash & Torry & Miss. Scarlett went to Canon City to take family pictures with his mom and sisters; so the house is nice and quiet. I miss my quiet time. I'm sure in March when they all move away I'll have more than my share of quiet times; and will miss the hectic days/nights we have now. I am thinking of going to the mall today and Joanna's and see if I can find some deals. But I am really enjoying my time alone right now. Maybe later.

Think I'll go stitch; I'm almost done w/frosty and want to finish it today. I don't know what I'll start next?? Maybe something for the "spring"? We'll see...:)

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sheri said...

Hi Shar! Merry Christmas to YOU! You deserve it! I always have an active Wish List at 123 Stitch, too. Will have to check out Stitcher's Closet. I need a few odds 'n' ends for the Crazy January Challenge (although I'm only committing to 11...)

Happy Stitching!