Monday, January 31, 2011

New Blog Design. :)

I was off work today and it's like 2 outside; so we didn't do anything today. So I decided to redo my blog for Feb and Valentines Day. I did stitch this afternoon while watching One Life To Live and General Hospital. I just have to finish it and get it off in the mail on Wednesday. It's suppose to get down to -20 tonight and about -6 tomorrow is our high; plus it's snowing. So we won't be going out anywhere.

Ashley ordered a pizza, bread sticks and wings from Pizza Hut for our dinner. :) We were going to go run errands and go grocery shopping today; but didn't make it. She had to take her car to the shop and it took longer than she expected. I didn't mind. I love when I'm off work and it snows; I had the blinds open and sat and stitched and watched the snow fall. Inbetween taking care of Scarlett; she stayed here with me today while Ashley was gone taking care of her car.

I can't post a picture of what I'm working on because it's a surprise; but when it makes it to it's new home I'll be sure to post one; it's really beautiful if I can say so myself. LOL I'm going to start something for myself next. I think I'm going to go and look for something now before the pizza gets here. This is Miss. Scarlett sleeping and the other one was taken a few weeks ago; we were cuddling on my stitching chair.


Colorado Stitcher said...

NICE! We are a tad nippy here too!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

very pretty. As far as the snow? well it is Pretty White Stuff and apparently we're in for a blast of it today and tomorrow.
Be always in stitches.

Sharlotte said...

It's getting pretty cold here too. We are supposed to get about two feet of snow over today and tomorrow. Coming down pretty good right now!

Sharyn said...

Scarlett is absolutely adorable!
I miss having a baby around, my youngest grandson is 5! Love your blog look, I must update mine soon.
Sharyn :-)